Monday, September 25, 2006

Bark Park again!

Mom and Dad took me to the bark park again. I couldn't believe it! Mom said that she and Dad would try to make it an every Sunday early morning event as long as the weather holds. She said it would be good for both her and Dad. Mom said exercise was good for her cause it helps keep her die-a-beet-is (not sure what that is exactly) under control.

Unfortunately, that Baxter dog was there wanting to jump my bones. I got tired of it and snapped back. Another female brindle dog also became Baxter's target and a fight broke out. Baxter's parents just thought that was so cute! (NOT). I also met a very nice Rottweiler named Nike. Nike's dad fetched my Mr. Ring as I had dropped it in my excitement to sniff up Nike. Nike had a brother/sister along (white terrior type dog) who had a red sweater with skulls on it. Unfortunately my Dad didn't think to take a picture of Nike. He took this one of me though.

Dad said that next Sunday we would be there earlier. The bark park opens at 6:30am. We were there this Sunday at 8:00am. Coming an hour earlier will, hopefully, keep us from running into Baxter and his family.

After the bark park, we came home and had breakfast. I got some of Mom's cheesy scrambled eggs. I just love them! I also supervised Dad putting in a new front door handle. Mom has been complaining for months that she couldn't get the door locky thing to turn because of her arthritis (Dusty Doodles has offered his services to woo it away). Well, sometime last week Dad had a hard time trying to get the locky thing to turn and so he went out and got a new one at Home Depot. The handle is even curved to make it easier for Mom.

We had some excitement last week. Mom and Dad got caught in a hail storm coming home from a movie. It hailed in my yard too. It looked like little pills but was cold. It was thundering and lightning too and Dad said Mom kept shreeking everytime it lightninged. He finally yelled at her that he was doing his best to get her home as quick as possible so stop shreeking! Mom said she then just whimpered. When they got home, I was throwing myself against the sliding glass door and Simon Lard Butt was standing on my crate and beating on the window with his paws to let him in NOW. I slept inside that night to keep an eye on Mom. Even Worf and Simon were inside.

Well- I guess that is about it for now. I read that Opy's family are without electricity and there are bush fires near there. Let's say a quick doggy prayer that everything works out OK for them. Oh- and congrats to Butchy and Snickers Mom for having her dog clothing site on the Doggie Wire e-newsletter!



e said...

Good on ya for going to the dog park. Wish we could take Fei to one every weekend too but getting there is a real pain without a car.
That hail you had sounds scary. Good thing for sleeping in and keeping a watch on your mum.
Catch you around
Fei & E

Dachsies Rule said...

What fun! We have never been to a bark park but we when we go to the country house, we have lots of space to run and play. It's as good as a bark park but we don't get to go often enough.

E is right, that hail sounds scary. It's a good thing you got to stay inside that night.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Isabella said...

That is so kewl that you get to go to the dog park every Sunday. And good for you for standing up for yourself! I wish I could do that, but I am too much a chicken, and I seemed to be a magnet for agressive dogs when we went to our dog park.
Big Wags,

Cubby said...

Bad parents at the bark park = bad news.

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hey C-K-C,

that's great you had fun at the bark park, even if you did meet less than friendly dogs. They probably don't blog either, so they've nothin' goin' for them.

As for the hail storm, sounds like it was all a bit chaotic with your mum shrieking and you thumping against the sliding doors. But I'm glad for you that it's all over - for now!

Next stop, bark park again!

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

hana said...

There was a Baxter at my dog park. After that incident, I never wanted to go back there again, ever! Be careful out there, CKC!

Chicote said...

I don't think we have a dog park up here. Wouldn't want to go in the winter anyways thou. Sounds like you had fun thou.

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey C-K-C :-)

Lucky you getting to go to the Bark Park every Sunday ! That is so cool !

Re the Bandana's - mum measured us around the necks where our collars sit - I was 22 inches and Charlie's big fat neck was 25 inches. The bandana's sit kinda loose on us - but that's the way we like em. They are great - and Butchy and Snickers mum is a real nice lady :-)


Sunshade said...

Sigh...C-K-C, I had a close call today as well, will post about it later.

On a lighter note, I have a Mr. Ring too!! You can see it on the Ambleside Beach post, I love my ring.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Isn't the Turkey Parme Biscotti just the best??

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Jay said...

Hey CKC, sounds like you had an exciting day!

Pippin the flyball dog said...

That hail storm sounds really scary. Hope you got to sleep inside for the rest of the week.

We're supposed to be getting a dog park where we live, but since I'm a little overly discerning about what dogs come near me, I might not get to go all that often. My human says she'll think about it. Maybe you could write her?