Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Balloons and no bark park

It is Balloon Fiesta time here in Albuquerque. Hundreds of balloons from all over the world and tens of hundreds of bad drivers descend on Albuquerque for two weeks. The balloons are pretty but I don't like them cause when they come in really low they make terrible hissing noise. No amount of barking will make them stop. Saturday was the first day but it was rainy and cold so pilots could decide whether to go or not go. Most of the regular balloons went but the special shapes stayed grounded. This picture was actually from this morning's launching.

Sunday, it was totally rained out and that is why I didn't get to go to the bark park. It was just plain nasty weather. Instead I helped dad in the garden. He was harvesting his french tarragon to make tarragon vinegar (smells bad to me) and digging up his potatoes. I offered to help him dig the potatoes but he declined my offer. This picture is of me doing yard duty.

Dad was also tasked with taking my picture for the DWB calendar. He took a whole bunch with me leaping for treats, etc.

After all that jumping around and getting "animated", I was tired. Dad & Mom sat looking at the pictures on the camera and dad took a couple of me just laying there. Wouldn't you know it- Mom chose a couple of those and sent them off to Opy's mum. The picture she chose is.... well- if you want to see it, you'll have to buy the calendar! (Am I doing the shill correctly Opy?)



Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Well done C-K-C, your future is in sales :-) Mum and SHD loved the pics you sent - and since your new barkday is in October - we decided that October would be your featured month on the calender :-)

Why is it that humans never want our help for the fun things ?


Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Thanks Opy! Dad loves the idea! Mom is going around humming "Calendar Girl" by someone named Neil Sedaka. They get worked up so easily!


Cairo The Boxer said...

I sure like the picture of you walking around the grass. Looking really good. woof.

hana said...

The balloons are so pretty. We have something like that in Reno California, but I have never been.

ranger said...

i would have BARKED at the balloons for sure! LOVE the tongue picture..that means you are happy.


Fu Fu said...

Hey Charlie, Those ballons look great. Did you get to sit in it? So nice of you to dig potatoes. hee
Can't wait to see your pic in the calender

~ fufu