Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mom doing her happy dance!!

Mom got her checkbook cover from Snitchy Bug Designs today. It is so beautiful and matches my bandana. She got it because her regular plastic checkbook that the bank issues is too dark and would become lost in the infinite pockets of her purse that could substitute for a container boat. Mom says her life is in that bag. Phone, PDA, mini computer drives, medications, diabetes testing equipment, wallet, etc. Now all she has to do is glance into the purse and the checkbook shouts at her. The first picture is the checkbook open (back). The second one is with the checkbook inside , still in its plastic cover but now the doggy cover hides the ugly plastic one. And best of all, if it gets dirty, it can be washed.

Butchy and Snickers mom is going to be making more checkbook covers with the same colors as the bandanas so if everydog wants his mom to match them, they need to order them. Linda can be contacted by the e-mail address on Butchy & Snickers profile on their blog. Linda also says she has fleece booties that she uses on Butchy and Snickers when it snows so that they don't get iceballs between their toes.

Well- it's been a long day. Today was my dad's birthday. I helped mom make a spice bundt cake for him. Mom grilled steaks and I got the bones. Yummmm.



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad! How strange my Ma, Jeannie, has one of those blood testing kits.....hmmmm! Perhaps she is a diabetic, I will have to check this out.

Love and licks,

Marvin The Scotsmand Dog and Poet of the Northern Hemisphere xxxxxx

Jay said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!

Hey, I think the fabric you had is so cool!


Isabella said...

Love that checkbook cover! And happy birthday to your dad!
Big Wags,

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Marvin- your mom could have blood sugar too low. Mom said the doctor though she was to low but it turned out she was too high.

Jay & Isabella- I love that mom matches me now!


Anonymous said...

Aw, mother daughter outfits!

Bussie Kissies

Ender said...

it sure is colorful, she's right that it won't get lost!

Isabella said...

Hey Charlie Kelly-Church! I read your comment at Copper's blog- saying your humans got you before it was too late. Were you in a kill-shelter? That would be so scary. I'd love for you to write about what it was like being there and how you ended up there, how old you were, and what it was like when your humans first brought you home. I think it would be a great story to share with us. Please?????
Big Wags,

Dachsies Rule said...

Happy Birthday C-K-C's Dad!

Birthdays are fun and getting bones must be really great. We have nevr gotten a bone.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Anonymous said...

Hiya C-K-C,
Tell your Papa HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! We're so glad your Mama likes her new checkbook cover. Hey, we have a picture of you wearing your bandana on our blog page now. There is a slideshow on the right side called Happy Customers from Snitchybug Dog Designs. So check yourself out, hehehe!
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Happy burpday to your da, C-K-C.

And bow(wow), really stand-out colours there.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Sam Iam said...

Hooray! It's your birthday! There's a whole lot to do...'Cause it's Ice-Cream-and-Treats And Have-Fun time for you!Happy Birthday


Studly Dudley said...


You and your Mum are so fashionabull, whatwith your matching accessories! Plus it sounds like you had a crazy good day.. mm steak bones.. you are one lucky dog!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, dad!