Saturday, December 02, 2006

Old news and questions

Mom and dad took me to the bark park twice over Thanksgiving. Once on the day after Thanksgiving and then our regular run on Sunday. I managed to chase their butts up and down that park for 4 round trips on Sunday. I was so tired at one point that I was almost foaming. Mom realized I needed some water and got out my new red folding bowl she got from Butchy & Snickers' mom's web site. It was perfect. I drank quite a bit so I was able to leave even more peemail. It was a little chilly last Sunday. Tonight it is supposed to get down to 20 degrees and tomorrow it will get up to about 37 degrees. It's a good thing mom has a new winter jacket and gloves. She has arfritis in her hands and they hurt badly when they get cold. Mom said that despite the cold tomorrow, we are planning on going to the bark park. She was at one of her doctor's last week and droped another 2 pounds. Man am I good or what! Maybe I should bill myself as a personal trainer? Even dad thinks he has lost some weight.

Now for the question. This is probably better answered by Meeshka but maybe someone else knows. Does your mom wear funny hats and gloves? Mom and Dad went to REI which specializes in outdoor clothings, camping gear, etc. She got 4 fleece hats with a Mountain Hardgear logo on the front. She started wearing that brand hat when her hair fell out during chemotherapy and has worn them ever since (she now has hair but keeps it short). She got them in slate, black, lite blue and orange. She is sitting with the blue one on her head right now and is wearing her green sleepy pants and yellow t-shirt (no fashion sense found in this house!). Dad is wearing an orange fleecy cap too (2nd fashion loser). Mom also got regular woolen gloves with funny grippers on the palms for wearing out doors. Is she planning on flinging herself to a tree to keep from falling down? She got a pair of woolen gloves with the fingertips cut off. The gloves weren't bloody so I have to assume that someone wasn't actually wearing the gloves when the tips were removed. She said she will take those to work as it sometimes get very cold in the building where she works, even with the little heater under her desk. She has one of the bigger offices where she works althou the building has no windows and is made of concrete blocks. The reason she has one of the bigger offices is a series of pipes runs thru her office. Everytime anyone flushes a toilet, uses the kitchen sink or waters the yard outside, a great sighing of the pipes in her office occurs. She keeps a radio on so she won't notice the flushing part.

Good Dog- I just hope no one actually SEES my parents with these things on! That would be sooo embarrasing.



Anonymous said...

Charlie girl, you write the funniest and most entertaining entries! You got the bestest sense of humor.

You should of seen the get up Linda wore a few times last winter when we had a cold snap. It got down in the 30's for a few nights. She doesn't own a coat, so she would wear these baggy flannel pj bottoms, a sweatshirt, her old ratty terrycloth robe and a stocking cap a friend had sent her when she took me out to potty. And none of the colors matched. She looked like a major goof. Some where in one of last year entries there are pictures of us all dressed up goofy trying to stay warm. Hopefully we aren't judged by our humans' crapy fashion sense.

That is so kewl your mom has recovered from cancer and her hair grew back! You take good care of her, okay?

We switched over to Beta blogger and it went real smoothly - so far no problems
Big Wags,

Anonymous said...

C-K-C, my mum wears the oddest thing, it's a sports head band, and she wears that when it's cold. But I don't understand since it doesn't cover her hair, only partially covers her ears, and that's it!! She says she likes the logo (it's ROOTS), but I don't get it so I steal it and shake it and dump it on the snow, then roll on it. I also do the same with mum's mittens. I will all of a sudden quickly turn around and pull them off!!

My mum wants to borrow you, she doesn't think the chickenDALE thingy is giving her enough exercise, maybe you should come and be her pawsonal trainer since your mom is doing soo great!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Anonymous said...

We need to see pix of your Mom wearing one of these hats before we let you know if it a fashion "do" or a fashion "don't".

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

The ONLY time our Mama wears a hood/hat is when she's cold. She also has arfritis and her hands are always frozen. She wears some funny looking glove things with NO FINGERS on them too in the house when she sews and is on the puter. Like Sunshade's Mama, our Mama also wears a stupid head band thingy. She wears it to cover her ears and her forehead. This keeps the cold air off her forehead as cold air can trigger a migraine headache for her sometimes. Weird huh?? So your Mama had chemo? So did our grammmmma. She lost her hair too and wore these funny looking wigs. (she has no taste in hairdoos, hehehe)
Take care of your Mama and keep up the weight loss!!
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Anonymous said...

Hey Charlie,

Good work on the training. My mum says she doesn't need to go to her gym classes half as much now that I take her for a walk twice a day.

Oscar x

hana said...

In the mornings when it's cold, my mom wears her robe that has a hood. She actually puts the hood over her head and walks around the whole house like that. I hope she doesn't go outside looking like THAT else the neighbors will see!! Oh yea, she also has these fuzzy feet. Her friends gave her them for her barkday. They are gray puppies. I tried to play with them, but when that happens, mom takes them off her feet and puts them out of my reach.

Sam Iam said...

Nice reads!I'm still barking ..sniff-sniff

Lot's of Lick's

Anonymous said...

Hey Charlie,

My people wear all kinds of weird things. As I type, one of them is wearing sleepy pants and a big, huge fleec-y sweater (in fact, just looking at her, I had to bark just now). They wear hats and things on their hands and coats and weird boots--but the biggest weird thing they have is all these socks--all colors, textures and sizes. Hamish likes to eat their socks because they are so weird and he's trying to save them from embarrassment.

One of them wraps a long scarf all around her head and then puts on a hat so that when we go on our walks all you can see if her eyes.

If they only came with fur, they'd have so much more money to spend on toys and treats for us!


Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hey there Charlie gal,

my ma has a hat and scarf fetish too.

As long as they don't come near my head, I don't care.

Oh yeah, and gloves too. But not fingerless ones.

As Bussie said, we need to see a photo of your ma to judge the extent of the fashion faux-paws...

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

fee said...

so many colours! can you snap a few pic of the hats and gloves and show us? i personally imagine they are nice!