Sunday, February 04, 2007

Request for prayers and other stuff

First- Sassy's Gma (her dad's mom) is in the hospital and having surgery tomorrow. Some kind of blockage. Sassy's dad asked if we could include her in our prayers so I said yes. I know the big Dog will listen and funnel the healing to Sassy's Gma.

I think Sassy is still grieving for Mikey. She goes running to every white dog she sees and looks so depressed to find it's not Mikey.

Funny thing this morning. My mom had gotten dressed early but dad was still stuck in bed. Just before we left for the dog park, mom starts wiggling around like she is going to have a freaking heart attack. Turns out she had her sports bra on backwards and her boobs were falling out all over the place while her bra was practically choking her. I tell you, I am so glad I don't have to wear a bra! I was also very good and didn't laugh at her (even tho I wanted to soooo badly). Dad thought it was funny too.

I want to thank Sunshade's mom for the suggestion that my mom get Innovia EVO dog food. Mom went to the local store where they have it and they had some sample bags of the dry food. She took one of the EVO and one of the Innovia Senior Plus kibble. She also got a small can of the EVO wet food. She also got some turkey necks at the butcher's. She gave me a turkey neck yesterday afternoon on the porch. That was soooo good. I crunched it all up. She got a whole pound of beef liver and cooked that up with garlic. She cut it up into small pieces so I can get it as a treat or in with my food. Last night for dinner she gave me the canned EVO. I was like a Dyson and sucked up every drop. It was so yummy. My mom liked that it didn't have any weird smell like other dog food sometimes does. She gave me some of the EVO kibble and I sucked that up too.

This morning, after the bark park, mom gave me some pumpkin mixed with yogurt. I ate half of what she gave me but wasn't totally thrilled with it. She mixed in some of the Senior Plus kibble and I sucked the rest up. Right now she has some Turkey Parme Biscotti baking. I am making out like a bandit.

Oh- I met two new dogs at the bark park (sorry- no pics of them). One was a chow-huskey cross (cream and orangey red color with blue tongue) and the other was a chow-huskey-lab cross (black with blue tongue, one eye blue, the other brown). The orangey husky X's name was Connor.

Well- I'm off to rest. It's been a tiring and tummy filling morning.



Butchy & Snickers said...

Oh my dawgness,
You're making out like it was your birfday or sometin, hehehehe. We got to have waffles today, yummy. Our Mama thought that was sooooo funny about your Mommy & the sports bra, tee hee. Mama hates bras, they make her hurt from her fibromyalgia. We'll be sending our wirey healing zen for Sassy's Gma.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Thanks guys. I keep waiting for the good stuff to end and the same old crap food to come back! I'll keep on eaten it as long as they give it to me!


Hammer said...

Hello Charlie

We'll say prayers for Sassy's gma .. hope she will be fine.

Thank you very much for your kind Birthday wishes, and for Beau too.

My mum is really sorry to hear about Worf and Georgie. This must have been a terrible time for all of you. We are pleased Worf made his way back to you but it is so sad about Georgie.

Beau is microchipped, but a lot of dog owners in Australia are not honest. If Beau did happen to get away from whoever stole him, people tend to keep dogs they find for themselves and don't care if the dog has a family who is missing him.

Mum has contacted EVERY vet in Australia but still no word about Beau.

I haven't ever seen the desert, but mum has. She went to Arizona and the Grand Canyon a long time ago, and she loved the desert.

It is nice where we live on the Gold Coast though mum hopes the development stops.

Love from your mate, Hammer

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Thanks Hammer. I feel so blessed that I have such lovely blogging friends who help out.


Isabella said...

Hey, girl, you are doing goosd in the food department. Way to go! If they try to put you back on the crappy food- just refuse to eat it- they'll give in and get you the food you want. Drives humans crazy when we won't eat.

That was so funny about your mom and her bra! LOL! Linda doesn't wear one very often and the one og the few bras she ownes got tore up by Emmy.
Big Wags,

Sunshade said...

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA..... really, I wasn't laughing at the bra incident.....really..

Sorry about Sassy's grandma, the timing of this couldn't be worse, but I have my toes crossed that grandma comes out with flying colours.

I'm so glad you liked your new food!! Turkey necks are the BEST!!! I think it's great your mama isn't afraid of the whole raw thing expecially with the bones and all. You know what you can do, you can have raw meaty bones (ie, turkey neck) in the morning and then Innova EVO at night. Try not to mix the two because they are digested differently. RMB digests a lot faster than kibbles, so you wouldn't want the kibbles to hold the raw stuff up in the tummy. I get a working bone almost everyday, so if turkey neck is your working bone, then you can have one everyday as well!!

Innova Senior is at the opposite ends of Innova EVO. It has grains, plus it's low protein diet. Some people still believe that older dogs need to be put on a low protein diet to reduce the load on their organs, however, new studies have shown that as dogs get older, their ability to assimilate nutrients and absorb protein decreases, which means it's even more important to supply extra protein in their diet. If they are healthy (like no kidney or liver disease), there is no need to worry about the extra load to the organs. My vet's dog is 17 year old Border Collie X, she's been on a raw high protein diet since she was 3 and is STILL eating a high protein raw diet and doing great.

I think if I were you, I would pick to go with Innova EVO and raw meaty bones. Now you just have to convince your mama!!

By the way, butchers should have chicken necks and backs that they sell as soup bones, those are great working bones as well!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Oscar Airedale said...

Wow, sounds like you've had some great food over the weekend! You're a lucky girl.

Oscar x

The Army of Four said...

We will remember Sassy's gma in our prayers.
PS: Mmm... biscotti!

PiratesGrrl said...

Maybe we need to come to your place for snacks!!

Thoughts & prayers for Sassy's Gma. We hope all is ok.

Hugs from The Brat Pack

PS Mom can't stop laughing about the sports bra. ;)

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Woohoo, all that yummy food, Charlie-gal. Way to go. Hope they keep fillin' the bowls full of that good stuff.

We'll think positive Tin Tin thoughts for Sassy's gma.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Dana said...


Thank you soooo much for your donation to the boxer puppies at Legacy Boxer Rescue. That was very sweet of you!!!!!


sharon said...


I want to thank you personally for your donation to LBR for Gidget and the puppies!!


Fu Fu said...

Hi C-K-C, are pumpkin mixed with yogurt yummy? I love yogurt...

~ fufu

Studly Dudley said...

Oh CKC.. sorry I've been gone for so long but I got your comment and I would LOVE to be your Valentine! How un-gentledogly of me not to ask you first. Rest assured, bouquets of bones shall be showered upon your doorstep come February 14th!

Loooove licks,
your Studly Dudley

hana said...

Wowie Zowie, you sure are getting a lot of interesting foods. Me? Well, it's just the same old thing everyday.

p.s. The bra story was very funny!

Charlie said...


Thanks for the giggle, it was much appreciated.