Sunday, May 03, 2009

may days and sunshine

hi all,
getting the dad to sent stuff isn't easy, because he doesn't do it often he forgets then has to look up the information to log in. the dad has taken me every Sunday to the bark park, except last week, but he says he should have instead of doing what he did as it would have been cheaper and gotten more done. he went off in the car without me and was gone for awhile. today we went and it wasn't too hot, the park had no water but the dad has always brought his own, sometimes I'll drink the park water, but I prefer the dad's water. he has some too then so we both drink. we did 3 passes, he calls them laps, had a couple of growls here and there, the nasty dog wasn't there today. it's a mean dog and the dad says that's because his people want he to be mean. I don't understand why they want him to be mean to everyone. I'm happy he wasn't there today, my dad tries to keep me away from them and will change the laps we do. the dad is doing better, lots less bad days, he says his online dating is over. at least for now, he tried to explain, sounds like a bark park walk without the smells, now what the heck is that craziness about? he has gone out some, but says too many are looking for a perfect person which their X wasn't and I'll tell you all , he's not perfect, good yes, builds me good shelters, keeps me in water and kitties to play with and lets me stay in during thunderstorms, but if he did a bark park everyday and more cookies THEN we can bark about the perfect level. he says maybe he's not ready to do it either, he sounds frustrated, hey I say as long as the bark park walks keep going I'll be happy.

bark a happy bark to all who still swing by to visit, the dad reads all. says to tell you he's doing better and new photos soon, he says I've haven't changed, but he has and I remind him no one if one is not growing older and changing they are plant food. he still has lots more white hair than I do at least on this head.


Peanut said...

It's nice to hear you guys are doing okay. Mom says it sounds like dating wasn't going well. Your dad just might not need to do it right now.
I'm glad you are getting to the bark park and that your dad remembers the water. Don't want you to get to thirsty. New pictures would be great. Can't wait to see them.

Hoop said...

would love to see more pics of your dog

happy said...

Glad all is good with you there. Can't wait to see some pictures. Take care now.

Brodie and Ailsa said...

Is your dads camra broken toos, we donts have any new photos either.

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

CKC - glad to hear your dad is having more good days then bad ones. Don't be surprised if he has a bad day surprise him.

We have missed you. We didn't blog much this year but we have started up again. We missed your last two entries until today.

It's good you are getting to the Bark Park so much. Both of you need to get out and check out some new smells. We hope the summer sunshine isn't baking everything in sight around you. We need rain and cooler air but we have dry, hot air instead.

Your dad is doing a good job of keeping up your blog. You should be very happy with him. Give him a big sloppy kiss so he knows how much you appreciate his hard work.

Thinking of you often,
Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

We see you aren't so regular at blogging all of the time either. Mom has spurts of blogging and even longer non-spurts of blogging.
We were looking at something and ended up at our old blog address. We saw the comment you left about your dad. If he was still 54 in January, he isn't much older than Mom since she turned 53 in March.
Yes, Robertson County is a few hours north of Austin so it might be further than he wants to deal with. But that is okay. If your dad wants a friend, Mom can be a friend from a long distance away. Look at how long we have been friends and we are the same distance apart.
Take care. We hope everything is going well for you. If you dad can drop a note for us occasionally, that would be nice. We worry about you and him.
Dachsie kisses,
Roxie, Sammy & Andy