Thursday, January 22, 2009

dad training a long work in progress

wow this is pretty often for me on this blog, but getting the dad to do this at all is pretty important to me/ I'm supervising him under his desk, he stayed home today, he slept most of the day and I was quiet in the yard, I bugged him until he gave up and let me be next to him, like I used to do with the mom. dad still getting upset over the mom, I worry, some days are good , but some not. he tells me he gets worse when tired, so I go to bed about nine to encourage him to go to, sometimes he does, he should try not to worry so much, but work is stresssing him out.
and he has stuff to do, too much maybe, he is getting better at petting me, the cookies, well he caves sometimes, meal time is better, more on time bark-bark. I'm telling him to visit the other dog blogs, and he tried it, but I'm not sure he's very good at it or maybe he won't just go ahead an sniff some butt, hey dad take a bark park tour, do you see any dogs not meeting and sniffing butt? big, small we all do it.


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

CKC, let your dad heal at his own rate. When he is ready to come visit some of us and leave comments, he will probably end up leaving more than he ever thought possible. Besides, we all "lurked" when we started because we weren't sure what to say. As soon as he figures out we all leave silly messages, he will feel more comfortable. Just let him know that no one is judging him.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

The Bumpass Hounds said...

Roxie, Sammy and Andy are right. Don't push your dad too hard. The hole in his heart is pretty big and it'll take a lot of tome to heal, and then it will probably never ever be all fixed; there will always be a little bit of a void. It's really good that you're sharing time together cuz you're both family. Make him visit our blog cuz we need reader; and we're better than reading the financial section of the newspaper.

Tansy said...

Sharp bark, Charlie! Our people have been very lazy, at least your Dad blogs for you. We even have no big Walks in the Park. But it's around Zero degrees here when we usually go Walking; that is Too Cold for our Paws. Nice you have a Straw Bale House!


happy said...

Just give your dad time, CKC. Glad to hear things are doing fine for you there.

Peanut said...

We don't care if your dad ever makes it to our blog. We just like the updates to know that you guys are doing good. Glad the meal time is getting better. I hope your dad's is also.

Life with Ozzy said...

Tell your Dad it's not an overnight process. Mom has those days herself. She even just had a week. But mom's been on this journey for 15 months. She said if you need anything even just an ear to listen to she's here. Just take it a minute at a time you guys. You're in our thoughts and prayers.
Ozzy & Jen(his mom) said...

please send us a dog photo for use in a funny news article.