Sunday, January 18, 2009

wow bark park twice this week

wow the dad took me to the vet for nail trim and then to the bark park. he took me late sun morning too. we did 3 laps and I was ready to go too. lots of dogs that late. the dad commented about one guy who did not want his dog to sniff, even my dad said to me, gee doesn't he know that's lots of what we do is sniff? I mean really thats how we meet, greet, p-mail, all of it, the dog seemed nervous, if the guy wanted a kid get a kid instead of a dog. maybe the dog will train the fellow correctly, but some people just aren't trainable. Mt dad does pretty good cleanup, he says he never needs my help, that I already did my part. he's getting pretty good at it, when he first started he was pretty crappy, so I normally go on to sniff whatever is availble to sniff. we saw another human who treid to pretend the poop his dog did wasn't his, the dad says that's way he watches out for that stuff when he walks with me. the park was open all the way today and we did 3 laps. weather warmer so maybe I can convince the dad to bark park more often, maybe in the afternoon he says. can dogs hold their breath that long, I'll believe it when my sib cat Worf, quits taking offense at me sniffing his butt.


The Bumpass Hounds said...

Hey Charlie,
Any balloons up over the valley today? Our mom says she used to like looking down the valley on winter mornings cuz there were usually balloons; her and dad lived in Rio Rancho.
The dog park sound like fun. We live way out in the boonies so we don't have a dog park. We don't meet a lot of other dogs but the FooFoos are usually out in their yard which is next to the back of our paddock but the run (that's Virginian for creek; i.e. Bull Run) seperates us by about 20 feet. Our dad cleans up our messes; he says it's easy when it's below freezing. He just gives it a few hours to solidify. It sure is good hearing from you again, we hope it becomes one of your new routines. Did you put an ad in The Petfinder for your dad yet?

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

It sounds like your dad has a good routine going. We are really glad that it all includes you.

We feel sorry for the other doggie at the park. You are right that we like to sniff everything so we know what is going on and who has been around.

Three laps around the bark park! Wow, it sounds like you are you getting some realy great exercise.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

happy said...

Sounds like you're having a great time at the park! Oh yes, there's always plenty of smells to sniff at ;-)

Peanut said...

That poor other dog but glad you got to get to the bark park again.