Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Be careful what you wish for...

The other day, I asked the Dachsies to send me some rain. Not only did rain come my way but thunder and lightening. It started raining and I could hear the thunder way off. The wind was blowing and dad wanted to make sure that the kitties were safe. He opened the door to the porch and both he and I went out. Worf wanted in immediately (even if he is a Klingon, he's not stupid).
Simon wanted in but was taking his time. I was dancing around trying to get dad to go back in the house where it was safe. All the time he was out there, the thunder and lightening kept getting brighter and louder. Well, finally dad picked up lardbutt Simon and was just ready to step in side when the lightening turned purple and at the same time the thunder cracked like a large gun. Simon used dad as a launching point into the house. dad leapt into the house and I was practically under him. Inside my mom was sitting in her chair with white knuckles. Nerise was flattened as much as she was able and had huge eyes. We all decided that it wasn't safe to go out (tho later Simon did go out- that cat obviously has some mental issues). Next time I ask for rain, I'll include the no thunder and lightening rule.



Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Yikes ! That sounds like a pretty scary storm ! We haven't had a good storm in ages - we usually go in our kennel when it storms, but if mum and dad are home - we get to go inside - I wish it would storm more so I could go inside more :-)

Love your pal,


Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Woof Charlie,

I'm a brave boy but oh my dog, that sounds like a horrific storm you had there...

Hope it won't drive you to therapy.

I hate storms too; when we used to live in far north Queensland we used to have a lot of storms during the rainy season.

Add fireworks and it makes you think that these humans must have some huge sound tolerance.

Anyway I've added a link on my blog to yours (thanks for dropping on by). I'm looking forward to some sensible philisophodog discussions with ya!

Chow for now, Tin Tin

Dachsies Rule said...

Oh Charlie,

We didn't realize that much thunder went to your house. And we didn't realize we were that powerful!! Next time we will be more considerate. Are we still friends?

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Sam I Am said...

I don;t lkie storms ,I have to stay very close to my mom.We hope that you did make it ok


Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Roxie Sammy Andy- yes, still friends! I think we got so much thunder and lightening because the mountains are close. We did need the rain tho. Dad said the rain caused the beans and radishes and peppers to go wild. Mom takes the radish tops to work where they have a wild bunny named Lucky (cause her leg is deformed due to a coyote run-in in her early life). She just loves radish tops

Isabella said...

Aren't those storms wicked, Charlie? We've been getting them every evening lately. I hate the thunder- scares the bejessus out of me! Several people and some houses have been struck by our area. We stay inside when it is lightning. I wish the storms would stop because our yard is sloshy and it interferes with my walks. Of course, it does bring the snakes out and I am still hoping to grab one before the humans spot it.
Big Wags,

Flossikens said...

That sounds scary =[ We have hardly any storms here we really need the rain.But whenever it rains i get scared of the water once before when only me and Angus were home i was a naughty puppy i rolled in mud ran under the enclosure got my tree log toy and threw MUD!! everywhere under there everythink was covered in mud.I got into BIG BIG trouble =[ thats why i havnt done it again since =]

much love
Floss xoxo