Sunday, July 23, 2006

Meat and kitty sibs

This is my evil-eye look. Don't I look like a ferocious guard dog?

This is Worf. He is kitty by birth, Klingon by choice. He will take on anyone and anything. In a later post, I'll tell the tale of Worf. He is one tough kitty!

This is Simon. During the summer, he is pretty much an outdoor kitty. He loves to lay on the porch 24/7. When he's not laying around, he eats. He weights at least 20 lbs and is supposed to be on a diet.

This is Nerise. She and I like to chase each other but we never catch each other. She loves head butting our mom and playing with catnip mice.

By the way- I got lucky tonight (no- not that way!). I got some chicken skin. Mom doesn't like chicken skin so when mom & dad have chicken for dinner, I get to eat the skin from Mom's piece. She also gave me a couple bites of her chicken. Dad and I worked in the garden this afternoon for just a little bit. It has cooled off to the low 90's here and today was one of our alloted watering days so I supervised him. Worf was also in the garden as we have catnip growing to 3 feet high between the garden boxes. Worf is a total niphead!

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SpillToJill said...

beautiful animals!