Sunday, July 02, 2006

First Blog

My name is Charlie Kelley-Church. I am a spayed female Blue Heeler/border collie cross. This means I can run fast, herd people and other animals, and dig deep holes in the yard.

I am new at this blog thing. Mostly my mom and dad do these kinds of things. I am 7 years old (human years). I was spayed before I was released to my parents from the local pound. My parents got me for a guard dog as well as pet. I can seem ferocious when I am in guard mode. I live with 3 cats (house siblings). They are: (1) Nerise, a small Russian Blue cross, (2) Worf, a yellow and white longhaired kitty [kitty by birth, Klingon by choice] and (3) Simon, a black & white tuxedo kitty who has got to weigh at 20 lbs!

My parents both work during the day so I guard then. My dad works for the Albuquerque Public Schools as a network manager (whatever that is!). My mom is a computer programmer. My mom and dad also have other businesses. My mom makes beaded jewelry. My dad designs web pages (not sure what that means exactly, but it helps to keep me in dog cookies. I usually sleep outside in my crate (it's on a covered porch and has all my food and water near by. The crate also has a roof in addition to the regular porch roof. My parents let me stay in the house at night if I want to but usually I prefer my crate.

I have read Isabellas blog, Zacks blog, Cairos blog. I hope I can be half as interesting at they are!


Isabella said...

Hey Charlie! Welcome to the world of blogging. We have a fun little group of doggy bloggers, and I see that you have already visited some of their blogs.I am sure you will do great with your blog- it's really fun and can become addictive-hee hee! I look forward to reading more about you. Watch out for those dang fireworks(geez, they make me nervous!). There are stupid humans around here that shoot their guns off for fun , too. One came through our roof last year. Those crazy humans- you never know what they are going to do.
Big Wags,

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

Isabella, I am so honored that you were my first comment!

Cairo The Boxer said...

Hi Charlie! So you sleep outside? Hmmm we will make you like sleeping in your parents bed. hee hee hee :) Welcome to the blogging world.

Cubby said...

Welcome Charlie! You sure are cute!