Sunday, October 29, 2006

Birthday and snakes

Friday was my birthday. My mom and dad also celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary. They went out to dinner and when they got back home I got to have my birthday cake and get my present (besides the early present of the bandana). This first picture is of my birthday cake.

Mom said it is called a Twinkie. It is a yummy spongey cake with a whipped cream filling. It was very nummy. The next picture is of me wolfing the last of the cake down.

This is my new froggy and me enjoying froggy. If you bite him he goes ribbit ribbit.

Now on to the tale of the two large snakes. Lots larger than Isabella's snakes but not so deadly!

Here in Albuquerque there is a new subdivision going in called Mesa Del Sol. It is south of the airport and out on the Mesa (flat top of hills). Between the airport and Mesa Del Sol, there is a wide valley through which runs the Tijeras (Ti-her-as) arroyo (waterway), a natural waterway that is dry most of the time. The city ran an extension of one of the streets across the arroyo and valley and straight up into Mesa Del Sol. There is already a music concert venue that they have concerts from the end of May thru mid October. There is now a solar something plant and the beginnings of a movie production company. Mom and dad decided to check out the new road and came upon TWO gigundo snake sculptures, one on the airport side and the other on the Mesa Del Sol side. The first picture shows mom standing beside the head of this giant snake. Mom is 62" (a little over 15 meters) tall.

You can see the snake stretching away into the background. Dad says the snake is around 100 feet (300 meters) long. The rattles on the tail consist of large rocks. The body is made out of concrete made stones colored the appropriate colors for a diamond back rattle snake and grouted together.

This shows the side of the snake. It is approximately 4 feet (12 meters) high. Dad asked mom if she wanted to jump up on it and ride it. Mom was intelligent and said no.

Today we went to the bark park but it was kinda late and there were too many dogs for me to have a good time. Some of the dogs tried to steal Mr. Ring so I got upset. We did stop at a Sonic Drive Inn (like a McDonalds) on the way home. Mom and dad got breakfast burritos and juice for breakfast. Mom shared her burrito with me.

Well- I'm off to have a good snooze. I'm tired.


Monday, October 16, 2006

Sunday Outing

Mom and dad took me to the bark park again yesterday. We went early again to avoid Baxter the Sex Fiend. It was a little cool and cloudy but I enjoyed it. Mom and dad got a special fleece blanket for the back seat of the car so I don't get the car seat dirty and so I am nice and warm. The first pic is me dragging mom down the sidewalk to the park. Notice the Snoopy Bag. It's where she keeps treats, water, mutt mits and Mr. Ring.

The next photo is of me wearing my awesome bandana that mom got me from Butchy and Snickers mom at Snitchybug Dog Designs.

The next picture is Sassy. She and her brother Mikey (White dog in second pic) came to the park and we had a good time. Sassy's parents were very nice and I even let them pet me. Mom and dad said they were very proud of me! See- they were worried that I would freak out. I'm not used to strangers petting me. Sassy said they were OK so I figured it would be OK too.

After the bark park we went home. Mom wasn't feeling too good. When she got home, she frowed up. She said her stomach flew but I didn't see it. She stayed in bed the rest of the day. Dad went up to his mom's house and took the laundry and tools with him. Gma (dad's mom) helped with the laundry while dad cleaned up the weeds in her yard and alley. Mom stayed home from work today also but slept most of the day. She is feeling better tonight so I guess her stomach flew back.


Friday, October 13, 2006


Guess what came in the mail for me! I knew it was for me cause the label said Kathleen Kelley (my mom) and C.K.C (me, me, me). I barked at her to hurry and open it up!

This is me with my new bandana on. I just love it. Butchy & Snickers mom did an excellent job. I am a larger size lady (XXL) and there isn't much of anything in pet stores for me in my size.

That bandana is so well made and reversable. I can wear it to the bark part so mom and dad can find me in the crowds. I am such a lucky dog to have so many good doggy friends. It doesn't get any sweeter than this.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Balloons and no bark park

It is Balloon Fiesta time here in Albuquerque. Hundreds of balloons from all over the world and tens of hundreds of bad drivers descend on Albuquerque for two weeks. The balloons are pretty but I don't like them cause when they come in really low they make terrible hissing noise. No amount of barking will make them stop. Saturday was the first day but it was rainy and cold so pilots could decide whether to go or not go. Most of the regular balloons went but the special shapes stayed grounded. This picture was actually from this morning's launching.

Sunday, it was totally rained out and that is why I didn't get to go to the bark park. It was just plain nasty weather. Instead I helped dad in the garden. He was harvesting his french tarragon to make tarragon vinegar (smells bad to me) and digging up his potatoes. I offered to help him dig the potatoes but he declined my offer. This picture is of me doing yard duty.

Dad was also tasked with taking my picture for the DWB calendar. He took a whole bunch with me leaping for treats, etc.

After all that jumping around and getting "animated", I was tired. Dad & Mom sat looking at the pictures on the camera and dad took a couple of me just laying there. Wouldn't you know it- Mom chose a couple of those and sent them off to Opy's mum. The picture she chose is.... well- if you want to see it, you'll have to buy the calendar! (Am I doing the shill correctly Opy?)


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I have a Birthday!

This is just a quick post. I'm still waiting for dad to get the pictures from Sunday's Bark Park out of the camera. I have good news and couldn't wait to share it. Mom and Dad gave me a birthday!!! They didn't know when my real birthday was and couldn't remember when I came to be with them so they decided to make my birthday the same day as their anniversary (At least they won't forget it). October 27th is now my birthday. Mom and dad have been together 19 years and married 17 years (as of the 27th). Since October 27th falls on a Friday this year, mom says we will celebrate the whole weekend (me doing a happy dance).

I did go to the bark park on Sunday and met a 10 month old black lady poodle named Scout. We had a great time. She was about my size so by the time she gets to be Isabella's age, she will be tall. She had a sibling that looked like Ivey. We went early enough that there was no Baxter (thank dog).

Mom has ordered me a bandana from Butchy & Snickers mom. She's sure it will be here by my birthday.

While at the bark park, dad decided our little digital camera doesn't cycle quick enough (not sure what that means). After reading what Cairo and Isabella said about cameras and going thru the reviews, he ordered a Cannon Powershot.

Well- mom & dad are off to Pizza and a Movie and I'm out to guard.