Sunday, May 27, 2007

More torcher devices

Hey everypup & Girl Girl:

Hadn't realized how long since I last blogged. Mom hasn't been doing that great. The radiation treatment helped some of the back pain but not all. Her Sy Actica is really bothering her and she hasn't been able to get rid of the metal monster. Actually she has a new torcher device. It is a grabber to grab things up high or down low (hopefully none of my parts).

Mom undergoes her second "chemo" session on Tuesday afternoon.

Mom would like to thank Sunshade's mom and Lillie Valentine's mom for gathering get well cards from all over the world and passing them on to her. She liked the unicorn and the dog post-it notes too. She would also like to thank Sunshade's mom for the carved glass with a picture of mom, dad and me with the words "Love Conquers". Mom has it on her desk at work. There was also some tag bling for me- a heart shaped dog charm with my picture on one side and the Long Life sign on the other.

Some of the doggies are blogging about what blogging means to them. I would like to tell every-one what it has meant for me and mom:

1. If not for DWB, I would never have gotten to the dog park or gotten to meet other dogs, whether on-line or in person.

2. I would not have had my diet changed for the better and would not have meaty bones.

3. I would not have felt the love and prayers from dogs & FuFu & Girl Girl and their hoomans all over the world for me & mom.

4. I would not be C-K-C

Hoping to blog more often.


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Update on Mom and surprises

My mom finished up her 2nd week of radiation treatment and her first "chemo" which isn't really chemotherapy. It is a shot to strengthen her bones because this type of cancer leaves her bones brittle. It takes 2 hours for the stuff to go in cause it is given by something called eye-vee which is, as mom explained it, lots of water going into your blood thru a needle they stick you with. Sure am glad it's her and not me! It made her kind of sick to her stomach and she was too tired to even get around the next day. She was too tired to even go to her radiation treatment so it added an extra day onto the treatments so she has to go every day this coming week.

In case some weren't aware, my mom is still using a walker after her back surgery. I included a picture that looks something like the one my mom has.

My mom's has 5 inch wheels on the front and tennis balls on the back. She also has a blue and green pouch which drapes over the middle that has a pocket for a water bottle, a covered pocket in the front for stuff and an open pocket where she puts her puzzle and reading books. I call her walker the metal monster. I keep thinking that thing is going to eat me, even tho I have been under the walker when it is sitting dormant. At first I thought she had stolen my Kong squeeky tennis balls for her walker but she said she did not. I told dad that she should have flames painted on the tires but she put that thought to rest. She is also wearing a back brace that looks something like the bullet proof vests the cops wear but doesn't go as high.

Anyhow- the big surprise today was BARK PARK! I couldn't believe it when mom took down my bark park bag and started going thru it. I thought- she's lost something and is looking for it (I didn't want to get my hopes up). But she took out the bandanna and asked me if I wanted to go to the bark park? OF COURSE! stupid question mom! We all got out to the car and the worst thing happened! I had to share the back seat with the metal monster. Well- I showed who was boss of course. When we got to the bark park we went to the north entrance which was closest to a bench for mom to sit on. Since dad then had to do poop patrol and keep an eye out for me, no pictures but I didn't mind. I ran and ran and had such a good time. While I have been gone, they also put in a water faucet so now we don't have to bring our own water if we don't want to. That was very nice. We didn't stay too long as there was a storm coming in but were there long enough for my dad to do a couple of laps of the park and enough time for me to get my arfritis hurting , but it was way worth it. After the park we went home and I had a turkey neck meaty-bone for breakfast.

Well- off to nap

C-K-C (one tired puppy)