Tuesday, May 04, 2010

long dry spell

for those still watching, the dad finally got back online. I convinced him the older picture needed updating so I stood long enough for a picture, he took some goofy ones. not much this winter going on here, hail this week, it looked like snow bit sure didn't feel like snow. I on;y consented to this picture, 'cause I was playing around and the dad said it was the only way to get me not blurred, that and that cookie that's out of frame, the dad is still dating. one lady was over for awhile but then she quit coming around, the dad wasn't too upset, I kinda missed the extra rubs, but she only was here a little. even Neryris let her rub her. I liked her, she gave good rub, although the dad said I got better then he did. I'd never ever dogged dreamed of that. after a vet visit the vet said I was getting old, sure some aches, and after a few laps at the bark park, I let the dad know it's time to rest up. he now sprinkles on some white stuff in my food for my aches, the dog doctor said it was ok. he think's he hides it, but I can tell, at first I ate around it, now I don't. well I'm off the bed, the dad too. I'll try to get him to write more, but he still gets sad sometimes about the mom, not so much anymore, me too, I miss following her at the bark park, I ran to one person , but it wasn't her, so I came back to dad. he saw me approach her like I did with the mom, well maybe some day I'll find her. Charlie