Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dec days

CKC here, the dad has taken me to the bark park every sunday except the last, he said he was just too cold, it was pretty bad. He's doing better, but still gets sad sometimes. he says he needs to take her computer in to fix, to get all the data off. he used to use that one to blog because it had all the marks? on it, I didn't smell any marks myself??. he's using his now for somethings. he said he may post a christmas card of us , but no mailings, most of the addresses the mom had are on her 'puter, which doesn't turn on, Dad says he hopes the shop can recover stuff. I've got the dad trained to let me in most times, I even have a big straw bale house with a tarp? well it's crinkels. pretty cold now, I still look for the mom at the bark park, I thought I saw her once and went running up, but it was someone else. we still go to that bench for my water break, I avoid the public one, the dad is pretty good at bringing water along. afterwards we stop and get a "buurito, I usually get first bite, it;s ok. I've had better, but the dad feels good doing it. He's taken me to the dog doctor, nails trimmed, critter inspection, shots, and says he'll keep me around for another year., since he's spent so much on me. like he thinks he has a choice. my cat sibs are ok, Worf is getting old and crabby, but he's always been crabby, but he hangs with the dad pretty closely, I think we all miss the mom lots.