Sunday, January 28, 2007

Good and bad news

We went to the bark park today. It was pretty cold this morning so mom put a wool blankie that her grammie made her around me cause I was shivering in the car even tho I was sitting on a new wool back-seat blankie just for me. After dad scraped the windows so we could see out, we left for the bark park. I was beginning to think I had done something really bad and was being punished by not going to the bark park but mom explained to me that first there was too much snow to even get in the park and then she was sick and then dad was sick. Even tho we hadn't been since Christmas Eve day, mom managed to walk 4 round trips of the park. I was so happy to be there I kept making whiney noises. I almost ran out of pee to leave pee-mail.

Now the bad news. Mikey died. Sassy and her parents hadn't been to the bark park either cause they were so sad about Mikey. He had cancer and had been fighting it for a long time. His mom and dad said they were glad to get the pictures of Sassy and Mikey we gave them just before Christmas. Sassy has two kitty sibs that help keep her company. She and I ran around and barked and played. It was good for both of us. I told her to be extra nice to her folks and give them lots of licks and hugs so they could get over their sadness. I miss Mikey too. He was such a sweet and gentle soul but I know he is waiting at the bridge and playing and not having cancer.

I also saw Cookie (looks like Tin Tin but fatter), a boxer named Vito, a border collie, the huskies and their Esky friend. A chow mix came up to me and tried to get in my face but I was having none of it. Also the bearded chocolate lab-like dog. He is great fun. I will have mom get his name from his dad.

Now the best news! Everyone was saying on the comments that mom should have given me some liver. She hadn't actually gotten any liver at that point cause she refuses to eat liver. This weekend when she went to the butchers, she got a half pound of beef liver just for me. She cooked it up with garlic. It's been cut in small pieces and she gives me some every little while. This is what it looks like after cooking. I just love it. It is soooo yummy.

She's going to make me some more turkey biscotti too. She hasn't gotten up the nerve to get me a turkey neck like Sunshade gets or try pumpkin. She wanted to know what pumpkin does for a dog. Maybe you guys can tell me.

C-K-C (doing happy dances cause she went to the bark park)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

No bark park and still winter (groan)

It snowed again yesterday and is so cold today (with more snow due in tonight and tomorrow) that we didn't go to the bark park. Mom did get not only her claws done yesterday (something called the french look) but had a massage. Her knees hurt so bad last week she could hardly stand it. The massage lady said she needed to eat beets (she had those for dinner last night) and needed to get some flax seed in her. The lady also said she should eat liver but mom wouldn't go for that (I love liver- mom should have let me eat it!)

Mom also got me something called a doggy pillow bed for nights I sleep inside. It has a nice red plaid top. I wouldn't get on it. Dad took it out to the living room and put it where I usually crawl under his legs. I laid half on and half off it. I'm just not sure I like it. It is so squishy, not hard like the floor and not firm like my straw in my outside crate. Dad says he will continue to put dad smell on it until I get used to laying on it.

Mom got some new sleepy pants this weekend. She really likes the Mutt brand with the dogs and cats on them. They are her favorite at home thing to wear.

Mom also got the FURMINATOR on Ebay and it arrived. She did a preliminary run at me and was astounded at the amount of loose fur she got out of me. She tried it on my long haired kitty sib Worf and squealed with joy. He has a lot of loose undercoat during the winter that usually ends up in mats and needs to be cut out (usually at the vets). She got out a couple of handfuls with just a few strokes and Worf was even purring (he doesn't do that for a slicker brush or comb). She is so sold on the product.

Mom is pretty much better but dad got sick last week. It was a fast cold. He stayed home Thursday and Friday from work and slept a lot and took medicine and got over it quick. Man it is hard keeping your people healthy in the winter! Everyone in this household is totally sick of winter. The highest temp it is supposed to get next week is 40 degrees F. With the temps in the 15 degrees F range at night, mom doesn't want me staying out. She is afraid that my arfritis will get worse. Last night I woke up dad about 3am to go out. I just couldn't stand being inside any longer.

Well- I hear the rattle of little cheese crackers in a bowl so am off to investigate.

C-K-C (begging the big dog to let winter be over)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Off with the Big Bling and down to business

Thanks to all of you, my mom is slowly on the mend. She goes for a massage tomorrow where they will get to working on her back. She is sprained it due to the coughing from the other stuff. She assures me that we will be going to the bark park on Sunday. I can't wait!

Studly - Dudley
my favorite boodog tagged me to write down 5 goals I should be working to in 2007.

  1. Get Studly Dudley to be my virtual boyfriend so he will put hearts around my name on his site. Sunshade I can live with but what about me? Oh dear- that seems so doggist.
  2. Try to get mom and dad to give me a whole cookie any time anyone or any thing in this house gets moved. I am the official cat spokesperson when they want to come and go. Go past that sideboard where the cookies are stored and they are mine!
  3. Find a dog to go on a play date with. I can get mightly lonely here in New Mexico.
  4. Help mom and dad exercise more and eat less so that can look as good as I do.
  5. Get to go on someone's Mission (Zach, AO4, FUFU). Anyone! The only thing I can think of as a skill set would be that I am aready camoflagged already.

I think just about everyone has been tagged by now so whoever wants to wade in- feel free.

C-K-C (hoping spring gets here soon).


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ok- I just had to try it!

my pimped pic!

Seems like everywhere I been today, I have seen so figured I might as join them! Don't you just love my bling?


You guys are AWESOME

I'd like to thank everydog and their bipeds for putting in a good word with the Big Dog. Mom is doing better today. No barkpark for me as there is still snow on the ground and mom's still not totally better. Yesterday was pretty funny. Mom sent dad to do the shopping with a very specific list. When he got to the butcher shop, he called her. He asked what a large boneless chicken breast was. Apparently he was not making himself clear to the butcher. Mom had to get on the phone with the butcher and tell him what she wanted. Apparently dad thought that 1 breast meant 1/2 of a whole breast. At least he got the right dog food for me without another phone call. The people at the butcher shop asked why he was doing the shopping by himself and he told them mom was sick. They said she must be VERY sick for her to let him do it by himself. Mom usually doesn't let dad do the grocery shopping by himself if she can possible help it. Mom is eating today. For breakfast/lunch we had corned beef hash. I got some too.

Well- that's about it for now. I know I owe a New Year's tag and I am doing some serious thinking on it so maybe tomorrow.

C-K-C (feeling relieved that mom is getting better)

Friday, January 05, 2007

I need everyone's help

My mom said I could ask for everyone's help so here it goes:

My mom was sick over New Year's because of the bronk-itis (made worse by the foot of snow we got in Albuquerque). She had to cancel her massage which helps her body move fluids out of bad places. Yesterday she went to the human vet and she has a sinus feckshun, ear feckshun, tonsil feckshun and really really bad bronk-itis. She was feeling so bad that she stayed home from work today and I heard her call and cancel her claw appointment. She has never done this before! Not only that but she asked Dad if he could help with dinner (danger, danger). She is still barking a lot and has 2 medicines for that. A yellow pearl one and a liquid. She is also on anti-botics twice a day. Today she just lay in bed and barked.

I would like to activate the pawyer group and have everydog pray for mom. I know it would help. It helped with Doodles da Dad. I will even give up my bones if the big Dog will make her well. I am just so scared!

C-K-C (frantic but sticking by my mom every moment)

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Barking in

New Years came in last night, not with a bang but with a bark. It wasn't even MY bark. It was my mom sounding like a wounded seal. Because she was out in the snow on Friday and Saturday, her bronk-itis came back really bad. She is gasping and barking. She has taken her drugs and cough medicine for the night so will go to bed very early tonight so she can make it up in time for work tomorrow. Much of Albuquerque streets are still snow packed and icy. It will take her extra time to get to work tomorrow.

New Years here did not have a lot of fireworks. It's kinda hard to light fireworks off when your farkels are freezing. I think a lot of people stayed home and watched TV. Mom and dad were supposed to go to a movie today but the parking lots of the malls aren't cleared of snow. Most malls found it easier to close. A lot of the church services were cancelled yesterday. Dad was back at Gma's to finish shoveling off her sidewalk and driveway. When he left, he backed up into the neighbor across the streets un-shovelled area and nearly got the truck stuck. A definite indication that tomorrow is not going to be good going to work at 6am.

On a lighter note- to make up for not being able to get to the bark park this weekend, my parents showered me with food. We had New England Boiled Dinner (Ham w/bone, potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage). I got to keep the ham bones (even had a little meat on them). Today mom made leg of lamb (she just loves lamb). She doesn't do lamp chops cause she says that they are so small she could sniff them up her right nose. She only does leg of lamb. I got to keep the entire leg along with some meat on it. It was so good. The only bad thing is I can't bring it inside so I hope nothing steals it away.

I had a fine time getting my mom to get up frequently and let me out to chase those birds away. They kept coming back cause dad filled their feeder and left 2 suet cake feeders also for them. They seem like awfully greedy buggers.

Hope all my blogging buddies had a good and safe New Year.