Thursday, January 22, 2009

dad training a long work in progress

wow this is pretty often for me on this blog, but getting the dad to do this at all is pretty important to me/ I'm supervising him under his desk, he stayed home today, he slept most of the day and I was quiet in the yard, I bugged him until he gave up and let me be next to him, like I used to do with the mom. dad still getting upset over the mom, I worry, some days are good , but some not. he tells me he gets worse when tired, so I go to bed about nine to encourage him to go to, sometimes he does, he should try not to worry so much, but work is stresssing him out.
and he has stuff to do, too much maybe, he is getting better at petting me, the cookies, well he caves sometimes, meal time is better, more on time bark-bark. I'm telling him to visit the other dog blogs, and he tried it, but I'm not sure he's very good at it or maybe he won't just go ahead an sniff some butt, hey dad take a bark park tour, do you see any dogs not meeting and sniffing butt? big, small we all do it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

wow bark park twice this week

wow the dad took me to the vet for nail trim and then to the bark park. he took me late sun morning too. we did 3 laps and I was ready to go too. lots of dogs that late. the dad commented about one guy who did not want his dog to sniff, even my dad said to me, gee doesn't he know that's lots of what we do is sniff? I mean really thats how we meet, greet, p-mail, all of it, the dog seemed nervous, if the guy wanted a kid get a kid instead of a dog. maybe the dog will train the fellow correctly, but some people just aren't trainable. Mt dad does pretty good cleanup, he says he never needs my help, that I already did my part. he's getting pretty good at it, when he first started he was pretty crappy, so I normally go on to sniff whatever is availble to sniff. we saw another human who treid to pretend the poop his dog did wasn't his, the dad says that's way he watches out for that stuff when he walks with me. the park was open all the way today and we did 3 laps. weather warmer so maybe I can convince the dad to bark park more often, maybe in the afternoon he says. can dogs hold their breath that long, I'll believe it when my sib cat Worf, quits taking offense at me sniffing his butt.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

C-K-C january post

the Dad is feeling better, we have gone to the bark park every sunday and even today, on tuesday, really special. I went to a nail-trimming first, my nails grow long and don't wear down very fast and I need them trimmed. He comes home a few times with strange dog and people smell, he says he's out on a date, but no smell is repeated. The bark park has men in big trucks digging holes, I suggested to the dad I be allowed to help, but he said no and we went for another lap. one pup was really running around jumping everything, I growled, but what do you do with those youngsters? the vet says I've lost weight, so I guess that's good, so has the dad, we never have a normal eating night like we used to, and he's pretty bad about a regular time, but he''s gotten us fed every time. over christmans he went away and a nice girl fed us, the cats all ran away, and she put down food for us and water, she was nice, I liked her. The dad thinks she spoiled me on snacks, come-on dad is that even possible? well I want her back, my cookie count sure was higher then. if you know anyone here in ABQ who wants to date my dad hes telling me to pass it on, he said, can't do any worse then nothing, right after he pets me, so why not, I'll put it on my blog, I like the ear rub part. he's still a little slow about taking the hint to let me out, but we have worked out a system at night he's finally gotten. geez, it's so hard to retrain people sometimes, but the more bark park stuff is good, he's coming along, if somewhat slow.
the dad took new pictures, now if he will post them, maybe next time,