Thursday, April 21, 2011

summer begins

Charlie here at long last, the dad is moving in with that GF from last year, I went out there for awhile. she will live with me, but the cats gotta go. the dad is agonizing about how to find 3 old cats homes. she has slick hard to stand on floors and no carpet, but the dad says it's easier to clean. he has moving stuff and things inside get moved around. tonight he's cleaning up old stuff and came across this blog. he still get sad sometimes, but can't help that I guess he always will, went to a groomer the past month, all spiffied up, maybe every month when we move.
now back to my yard dust bowl. the dad is taking down all those beds he fenced off from me. I get to supervise.
he going to see his sister in texas soon and a nice girl visits me then. things sure changed when the mom died, maybe again after we move, I sure miss all her rubbing, she gave me lots, the dad lets me lick his yogurt boxes
so it could be worse I guess. my favorite car to ride in is gone, to a daughter who needed it. so now I get to ride in the truck if dad can clean it. if anyone is still listening bark bark and I'll try to get him on again.