Sunday, February 18, 2007

A big Thank you

A big THANK YOU to everypup who put in a good word with the Big Dog for Sassie's Gma. We didn't go to the bark park last week due to mom's accident but went today and mom asked Sassie's dad how Gma was doing. Sassie's dad said she came thru the surgery fine and is walking around with the help of a walker. You guys are just awesome.

I was taken to the vet by dad this past week along with my 3 kitty sibs. We got shots, licenses and micro-chipped. I got my nails done also. It's the law in Albuquerque that you have to have your pet spayed or neutered or pay a breeder's license fee of $150.00 per animal and $150.00 per litter. Everyone must have a rabies shot and everyone must be microchipped. I don't particularly like going to the vet but it was OK this time. Actually the fun was before the trip. Mom has told dad I don't know how many times the order in which to get us all together. It goes like this:
1. Put Charlie out in the yard temporarily.
2. Get Nerise first by going by her on the bed and suddenly grabbing her and stuffing her in her cage.
3. Get Simon and put him in his cage.
4. Get Worf and put him in his cage.
5. Take kitty cages to truck and put in back.
6. Return to house, get Charlie, lock up house and put Charlie in front of truck.
At Vets, take kitty cages in first and then go back for Charlie. When retrieving from Vet, put Charlie in truck first and then kitty cages.

Well- what really happened! Worf and Simon got caged. By this time Nerise was doing zoomies all around the house, totally freaking out. I was trying to help dad get Nerise. Dad finally had all doors closed to other rooms and Nerise was in the living room. Dad couldn't find Nerise but I knew where she was. I poked my head under the TV table to let dad know where she was (hiding behind the video tower). Dad couldn't see her (grey kitty in black hole) until she lifted her head and he saw her eyes. He grabbed her and stuffed her in her cage. He took all of the kitty cages to the truck and then came back for me. When we came home that night it was snowing. Mom had just gotten home from work so she helped bring all of us in. I was so glad to be home. I was very thirsty. I don't like the vet water so chugged down a lot of my home water. Mom gave me a cookie. I ate most of the cookie and then horked it up because I drank too much water too fast.

Valentine's day - there was 2 inches of snow when my mom woke up to get ready to go to work. She had brought worky work home the previous night (she had heard the weather report and was prepared) so worked from home all day. Dad called in sick as his leg was bothering him and he didn't want to slip and slide everywhere. We got a total of 4 inches of snow on Valentine's day. Later in the day the snow had melted off the roads and mom and dad went out to their favorite Italian restaurant for an early dinner. They were back home by 6pm and fed us then.

I have to say I like my new diet. I get oxtail or beef rib or turkey neck every morning. I get the EVO canned and kibble in the evening sometimes supplemented with beef liver or turkey biscotti or what I can beg from my parent's meal. This morning (before my meaty bone and after the bark park) I got pumpkin mixed with yogurt. I also got some scrambled egg florentine (eggs, cheese, spinach, rosemary).

In addition to the regular dogs (Cookie, Sassie, Baily) there were a bunch of other dogs at the park so I ran and played hard. We got there early this morning so there was about a half hour that dad threw Mr. Ring for me and I chased it. I am one tired dog. I am down for a nap before dinner.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

A little bit of everything -advice on pawsonal training

Well everypup- I think my mom is jinxed. She and dad left early this morning to do the usual Saturday errands and didn't get back til late. My mom was perfectly fine when she left the house. When she returned, it looked like her whole left side of her face had been in some horrible accident. She has a very large road rash over her left eye. She has a scratch under her nose, across her nose where her glasses go and her eyelid is so swollen and black and blue she can barely see. She was walking out of a store to go to the car. One minute she's on her feet and the next moment she's kissing the asphalt. She scraped her glasses really bad (not to mention her face) and since the eye glass place was open late, she went and got a new pair (actually just like the old pair) ordered. She's had ice packs on the eye 20 minutes out of the hour since she got home. At least she got me that new EVO food (kibble and canned). I got a nice ox-tail for breakfast this morning. She also picked up liver and turkey necks at the butchers. I also was given yogurt again. I love that stuff! It's kind of like ice cream. Mom says we are still planning to go to the bark park tomorrow. When mom and dad got home today, mom let me in the house. Dad was still bringing in stuff from the car. Mom went out to get some stuff and dad opened the door and didn't tell me stay like mom does so I ran for it. Dad didn't scream like he usually does. Mom went to get the leash and my puperonies. I just went as far as the house on the corner of the cul de sack and barked at those guys and then came back to my dad. He was really happy about that.

Now- where my mom works they are having a pool to see who can loose the most weight between Feb 9th and May 25th. Each person entering has to pay $5.00. The person who looses the most gets 2/3 of the pot, the 2nd place winner 1/3 of the pot. The person who gained the most gets a gift certificate from Stone Cold Creamery (they have ice cream type stuff)- not sure if that's fair! Anyhow, when you put in your $5, you get weighed. Mom weighed less that she thought and is really excited about winning this pool by loosing the most weight. She already does the 4 round trips at the bark park. I was wondering if anyone out there had any other ideas to help her loose the weight. She has assigned me to be her pawsonal trainer. So if you can think of anything, let me know. Thanks.

C-K-C (who doesn't care if mom looks like a car wreck, as long as she brings the food)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Request for prayers and other stuff

First- Sassy's Gma (her dad's mom) is in the hospital and having surgery tomorrow. Some kind of blockage. Sassy's dad asked if we could include her in our prayers so I said yes. I know the big Dog will listen and funnel the healing to Sassy's Gma.

I think Sassy is still grieving for Mikey. She goes running to every white dog she sees and looks so depressed to find it's not Mikey.

Funny thing this morning. My mom had gotten dressed early but dad was still stuck in bed. Just before we left for the dog park, mom starts wiggling around like she is going to have a freaking heart attack. Turns out she had her sports bra on backwards and her boobs were falling out all over the place while her bra was practically choking her. I tell you, I am so glad I don't have to wear a bra! I was also very good and didn't laugh at her (even tho I wanted to soooo badly). Dad thought it was funny too.

I want to thank Sunshade's mom for the suggestion that my mom get Innovia EVO dog food. Mom went to the local store where they have it and they had some sample bags of the dry food. She took one of the EVO and one of the Innovia Senior Plus kibble. She also got a small can of the EVO wet food. She also got some turkey necks at the butcher's. She gave me a turkey neck yesterday afternoon on the porch. That was soooo good. I crunched it all up. She got a whole pound of beef liver and cooked that up with garlic. She cut it up into small pieces so I can get it as a treat or in with my food. Last night for dinner she gave me the canned EVO. I was like a Dyson and sucked up every drop. It was so yummy. My mom liked that it didn't have any weird smell like other dog food sometimes does. She gave me some of the EVO kibble and I sucked that up too.

This morning, after the bark park, mom gave me some pumpkin mixed with yogurt. I ate half of what she gave me but wasn't totally thrilled with it. She mixed in some of the Senior Plus kibble and I sucked the rest up. Right now she has some Turkey Parme Biscotti baking. I am making out like a bandit.

Oh- I met two new dogs at the bark park (sorry- no pics of them). One was a chow-huskey cross (cream and orangey red color with blue tongue) and the other was a chow-huskey-lab cross (black with blue tongue, one eye blue, the other brown). The orangey husky X's name was Connor.

Well- I'm off to rest. It's been a tiring and tummy filling morning.