Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back Barking Sad and glad things

This has been a trying time. Where to begin! My Gma (dad's mom) went to the bridge at the end of September. She had been ill for a very long time. She is buried next to Gpa at the National Cemetery in Santa Fe NM. Dad is sad so I've been doing my best at healing him. Next, my mom has not been doing the greatest. She was having her chemo in September and her vein blew halfway thru so she was told she would have to get a port. A port is a thing that allows the chemo and blood people to jack into her to get blood from her or give her chemo. This is a picture of what a port looks like

Mom was so brave. She opted not to have them nock her out completely! She said she could hear everyone talking. She didn't hork up like she does when they put her under completely so it was better for her. She was able to go to work the next day. She had her first chemo with the port in October and wondered why she had been fighting against it for so long. They sprayed some stuff on her port to numb it and then put in the needle which she didn't even feel. She said she could get up and go poddy and eat lunch and do her puzzle books. She even took a nap. When she had chemo in the vein, she had to sit so still and even then, there were times when the vein blew for no reason at all. She came home all smiling instead of the usual crying.

My barkday and my parents anniversary was in late October. We didn't really celebrate it cause dad was still sad about Gma as he is the Execute her. I don't understand why he has to kill her again cause she is already dead. Dad says it has to do with her things and dividing them up. I'm glad we dogs, cats and hammies don't have to worry about these things. In addition to this, mom and dad were in a car accident. The were driving Gma's car and somebody rear-ended them. The person then backed up and drove away. Dad is still seeing a kyropracter to realign his bones in his spine. Mom was really upset because the car was totaled and she no longer had an automatic to drive. She has her old manual car but it is harder for her to drive. She said even tho it was a 1995 car, it only had 43,000 miles on it cause Gma hardly drove it anywhere. Her car has 173,000 miles on it.

Thanksgiving was a good time this year. We had french toast for breakfast and I got some. In addition, I had some scrambled eggs from the french toast dipping leftovers. I got Turkey also. Mom had a toasted turkey sandwich late that night and I got some of that. This morning we had french toast again and mom made a special piece from the heel just for me.

Winter has finally hit New Mexico. The nights have been freezing and I have stayed in most nights. When I do choose to go out, I have my crate filled with straw so it is quite toasty.

Hopefully my mom will be feeling better and I will be blogging more.

Well, I have to go help mom make turkey enchiladas for dinner. I get turkey scraps but none of the other stuff cause my gas would be quite nasty.