Sunday, August 03, 2008

C-K-C just checking in

Hi all, it looks like dad is taking over, he changed the account password? to something he could remember. seems to me a smell would a better way to do it. but the humans need to compensate. He still get his face all wet sometimes reading your comments and at night. we have worked out an arrangement and at night I sleep outside of his normal pattern. I guess I have to get used to the change too. before mom and I had a good arrangement, everything changes.

I am to report the stuff he grows is tomatoes, papers? no peppers, radishes, weeds, tarragon and tomato worms, and mint. Dad says the mint are weeds too, but he keeps watering them. I don't like the weeds, they stink. the tomatoes worms he picks and squishes, I sniffed them, but no interest there. I tried to paw one once, it quit moving after awhile so I guess I did good and dad didn't get after me, but he never gives me the chance to again. he keeps asking if I can sniff them out. duh, do I look like a green thing chaser to him??? he gets some funny ideas about my skill set. He did rub me lots when I barked at strangers near the yard and house, golly I love that. He says he's going to try the bark park again. I hope so I really liked it, but we had to stop when mom got too tired. There is a storm coming in and I don't like the noise, i'm glad dad is here. he's a much taller target.
he rubs me when it booms and it makes me feel a little better. the dad isn't too swift for the names we use for the humans so if he goofs it up remember I warned u all. C-K-C.