Friday, July 28, 2006

Mom's great scare

Well, the rain thing has been going and going. The dachsies certainly know how to give rain!

My mom was driving home from work today (she works at Kirtland Air Force Base). She usually drives in what she calls the South Gate. The rain started coming down really hard just before she got thru the South Gate. There was water a good half-inch deep rolling down the road toward the main arroyo (like a huge dirt ditch) that carries water to the river. She crossed the arroyo but the water wasn't deep yet. She turned west to drive out to the Interstate road. She got only a little past the turn and had to come to a stop. A wall of mud, water and other garbage type stuff was roaring down into the road in front of her. She had to back up and make a U turn and go back thru all the water which was then nearly a foot deep. She made it back into the Air Base and told the guard what was happening. After that, she had to go out another gate and make it thru the city with it thundering and lightning and raining. She was scared and upset by the time she got home. I cheered her up right away by asking for a butt rub.

Looks like I will either be in my crate or in the house if it keeps raining all night like the weather people are predicting.

Say- I found a story on a black lab from Boston. She is an ambassador. Her story is found here:

I don't know much more about her than that. Her job sounds like a good thing!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Be careful what you wish for...

The other day, I asked the Dachsies to send me some rain. Not only did rain come my way but thunder and lightening. It started raining and I could hear the thunder way off. The wind was blowing and dad wanted to make sure that the kitties were safe. He opened the door to the porch and both he and I went out. Worf wanted in immediately (even if he is a Klingon, he's not stupid).
Simon wanted in but was taking his time. I was dancing around trying to get dad to go back in the house where it was safe. All the time he was out there, the thunder and lightening kept getting brighter and louder. Well, finally dad picked up lardbutt Simon and was just ready to step in side when the lightening turned purple and at the same time the thunder cracked like a large gun. Simon used dad as a launching point into the house. dad leapt into the house and I was practically under him. Inside my mom was sitting in her chair with white knuckles. Nerise was flattened as much as she was able and had huge eyes. We all decided that it wasn't safe to go out (tho later Simon did go out- that cat obviously has some mental issues). Next time I ask for rain, I'll include the no thunder and lightening rule.


Sunday, July 23, 2006


I just noticed that the text doesn't quite match up with the pictures. Worf is the orange and white kitty. Simon is black and white and Nerise is the grey kitty. Hopefully I'll get better at this!

Meat and kitty sibs

This is my evil-eye look. Don't I look like a ferocious guard dog?

This is Worf. He is kitty by birth, Klingon by choice. He will take on anyone and anything. In a later post, I'll tell the tale of Worf. He is one tough kitty!

This is Simon. During the summer, he is pretty much an outdoor kitty. He loves to lay on the porch 24/7. When he's not laying around, he eats. He weights at least 20 lbs and is supposed to be on a diet.

This is Nerise. She and I like to chase each other but we never catch each other. She loves head butting our mom and playing with catnip mice.

By the way- I got lucky tonight (no- not that way!). I got some chicken skin. Mom doesn't like chicken skin so when mom & dad have chicken for dinner, I get to eat the skin from Mom's piece. She also gave me a couple bites of her chicken. Dad and I worked in the garden this afternoon for just a little bit. It has cooled off to the low 90's here and today was one of our alloted watering days so I supervised him. Worf was also in the garden as we have catnip growing to 3 feet high between the garden boxes. Worf is a total niphead!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July

It is the 4th of July and things are pretty quiet (so far). Last night we had quite a few fireworks going off in the neighborhood so I stayed inside til quite late. We also had a bit of rain yesterday which was much needed. It is so dry here that we are restricted to watering on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. No one is supposed to water on Friday. Since the rain fell on Monday, it was free water!

I won't get to do much running around with my dad today as he has a sore leg. He had to go to the doctor's (human vet?) yesterday. The doctor gave him some medicine that makes him sleep a lot. Mom will take me out but she is not much fun with Mr. Ring (she throws like a girl). I love Mr. Ring. It is a yellow rubber ring that used to have a ball in the center. Dad took the rubber ball out and just throws the ring. It is my favorite outside toy. Mom won't let Mr. Ring in the house. If she finds it in the house, she usually puts it in the dishwasher.

My favorite indoor toy is Mr. Dolly. He squeeks when you bite him in the stomach. I have more than one actually. You know, the real deal and a backup. I also have a squeeky tennis ball and a flying saucer thing that you can stuff cookies inside of. I like to play with that and get the cookies out and crunch them. I used to have a Kong but it is missing (no doubt hid by those pesky cats!)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

First Blog

My name is Charlie Kelley-Church. I am a spayed female Blue Heeler/border collie cross. This means I can run fast, herd people and other animals, and dig deep holes in the yard.

I am new at this blog thing. Mostly my mom and dad do these kinds of things. I am 7 years old (human years). I was spayed before I was released to my parents from the local pound. My parents got me for a guard dog as well as pet. I can seem ferocious when I am in guard mode. I live with 3 cats (house siblings). They are: (1) Nerise, a small Russian Blue cross, (2) Worf, a yellow and white longhaired kitty [kitty by birth, Klingon by choice] and (3) Simon, a black & white tuxedo kitty who has got to weigh at 20 lbs!

My parents both work during the day so I guard then. My dad works for the Albuquerque Public Schools as a network manager (whatever that is!). My mom is a computer programmer. My mom and dad also have other businesses. My mom makes beaded jewelry. My dad designs web pages (not sure what that means exactly, but it helps to keep me in dog cookies. I usually sleep outside in my crate (it's on a covered porch and has all my food and water near by. The crate also has a roof in addition to the regular porch roof. My parents let me stay in the house at night if I want to but usually I prefer my crate.

I have read Isabellas blog, Zacks blog, Cairos blog. I hope I can be half as interesting at they are!