Monday, September 21, 2009

updates to my doogie life

well that lady he was seeing told him to buzz off, he was crowding her, I like it when he crowds me, I can't get enough rubs from him. guess that lady wasn't into touching, gosh I love it, what a strange lady. we are doing the bark park every Sunday, he says it's good for him too. his vet told him to walk a mile each day and he has, he's losing weight like the vet told me to do too. so we are both losing weight. each bark park day we go is fun, but after 3 laps, 6 trips I get kinda tired, lots of other dogs come and go , and we don't stand around like the others do. the Dad and I go back and forth. most of the others just stand around talking. one lady tried to grab me the other day, I started barking, then the Dad called me over and I went, most times some people try to grab at me, but I'm not having any of that unless the Dad says so. he walks back and forth. I like the park and am always ready to go. some big skinny dogs the other day, after some comment the big dog lady said something to some other people and my dad said, they should realize this is an open park, not just one for their greyhounds. very funny plastic cages on their noses. they didn't seem to do much, my dad said he thinks they are racing dogs. I like to run, but no way to keep up with those big skinny dogs.
well my dad is looking to go to Texas to visit his sib later, I can't go, maybe someday, but that nice lady who visited me last time is supposed to come over. I need to go to the vet, nailtriming, a lady's got to keep her nails up. the dad is moving lots of stuff around in the house, cleaning and getting rid of the mom's old stuff, most of her stuff is gone, the scent is pretty much gone. I sleep on his side of the bed now, I'm getting him trained not to step on me at night. bark is that guy hard to train, can't he see in the dark? he needs better doggie eyes or something. he's getting better, but we both zagged the other day and he almost fell over me. he said some pretty loud things and we both took up out respective places and settled down. well not much else to bark about tonight, getting cooler here, the cold is coming closer, the cat sibs are coming in more, except Simon, he's still looking for the Mom every few days. then stays out until next time.
I don't think he's a happy cat. byebye for now. thanxs for the emails you all send. I know it cheers him up sometimes. he still gets sad sometimes, not so much, but he misses the mom as I do sometimes. at least I've got him trained about dinner. CKC