Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dec days

CKC here, the dad has taken me to the bark park every sunday except the last, he said he was just too cold, it was pretty bad. He's doing better, but still gets sad sometimes. he says he needs to take her computer in to fix, to get all the data off. he used to use that one to blog because it had all the marks? on it, I didn't smell any marks myself??. he's using his now for somethings. he said he may post a christmas card of us , but no mailings, most of the addresses the mom had are on her 'puter, which doesn't turn on, Dad says he hopes the shop can recover stuff. I've got the dad trained to let me in most times, I even have a big straw bale house with a tarp? well it's crinkels. pretty cold now, I still look for the mom at the bark park, I thought I saw her once and went running up, but it was someone else. we still go to that bench for my water break, I avoid the public one, the dad is pretty good at bringing water along. afterwards we stop and get a "buurito, I usually get first bite, it;s ok. I've had better, but the dad feels good doing it. He's taken me to the dog doctor, nails trimmed, critter inspection, shots, and says he'll keep me around for another year., since he's spent so much on me. like he thinks he has a choice. my cat sibs are ok, Worf is getting old and crabby, but he's always been crabby, but he hangs with the dad pretty closely, I think we all miss the mom lots.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Charlies update, more bark park walks

hi all, I know I've been off-line for quite awhile, but the Dad has been more upset times at night then days. he has taken me to the bark park the past 3 Sundays. Before that it was hit and miss. I think I finally got him to do it every Sunday. we go later in the morning, it's a tad warmer. Last time there was a mean dog, but the Dad didn't get too excited so I didn't either. Some old friends, but mostly a different crowd. Dad even threw Mr. Ring for me. I thought he'd lost my toy, but he pulled it out and threw it a few times. he says he only does that if no other dogs are around as they grab my toy and want to play too. I still check the bench for Mom when we swing by but her scents are not there anymore, at least not that I let on to the dad, he thinks it's gone, but people have no way to know. many dogs have been by. after all new smells or old, it's what I do!. The dad has gone out a few times with different people I can smell it on him, but nothing serious, only very light smells, but I check it out each time and let him know I notice. After all he's my sole food provider now. He's trying different brands? whatever, I get a different dog food, some are good, others I go after the cat food. I think he's finally catching on. the dad is doing better, but the wonderful meals we used to have that I got some of are gone, I wait and sometimes Dad gives me a little, had some chicken skin, like old times, but not very often. I think he'd like to meet someone else, but so far, he says another dud??, The dad tried explaining that to me, finally I got it, it is like a smell but nothing special. I know about that! gee Dad, I'm a dog,
he says to me he's realizing how special the mom was and it will be impossible to replace her. I tell him he'll find another if we walk the bark park more often. I 'm not sure he buys that, but we have gone 3 times in a row. now he keeps his dog pack in the car, just in case .

Sunday, August 03, 2008

C-K-C just checking in

Hi all, it looks like dad is taking over, he changed the account password? to something he could remember. seems to me a smell would a better way to do it. but the humans need to compensate. He still get his face all wet sometimes reading your comments and at night. we have worked out an arrangement and at night I sleep outside of his normal pattern. I guess I have to get used to the change too. before mom and I had a good arrangement, everything changes.

I am to report the stuff he grows is tomatoes, papers? no peppers, radishes, weeds, tarragon and tomato worms, and mint. Dad says the mint are weeds too, but he keeps watering them. I don't like the weeds, they stink. the tomatoes worms he picks and squishes, I sniffed them, but no interest there. I tried to paw one once, it quit moving after awhile so I guess I did good and dad didn't get after me, but he never gives me the chance to again. he keeps asking if I can sniff them out. duh, do I look like a green thing chaser to him??? he gets some funny ideas about my skill set. He did rub me lots when I barked at strangers near the yard and house, golly I love that. He says he's going to try the bark park again. I hope so I really liked it, but we had to stop when mom got too tired. There is a storm coming in and I don't like the noise, i'm glad dad is here. he's a much taller target.
he rubs me when it booms and it makes me feel a little better. the dad isn't too swift for the names we use for the humans so if he goofs it up remember I warned u all. C-K-C.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

breaking in a newbie

The dad is now online to try blogging, it took me awhile to convince him, but it helped the mom over problems so maybe he'll come around too. he's not exactly the blogging type, or the get us food on time type or remember to let us in type or well even I don't have time to list them all. I'm working on getting him in line. I still am looking for kathie, but I kinda am getting around to realizing my family got a little bit smaller. did you know people can't see in the dark, that idiot has tripped over me 3 times when he gets up in the middle of the night. I'm not getting excited or sense problems so why is he up stumbling around, go to sleep , us dogs gotta sleep too. The meaty bones issues seemed to be resolved, finally. he's getting better at remembering. does anyone know why he gets excited when eating those funny red squishy things from the garden? he offered me part and after a sniff, I didn't want it, some yellow ones too. C-K-C

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mom isn't coming home

The mom hasn't been doing so good with her cancer. She was going to bed sooner and sooner and resting more. The dad started taking her to visit their vet lots more than before. On the day where so many make noises and loud banging that scares me the dad took mom away very late at night. Dad tried explaining to me that mom was going to be away for awhile until their vet took care of her. It got longer and longer and dad was very late getting me fed everyday. I went and waited for her by her bed every night at 9 or so, but each time she didn't come home. Dad rearranged the house to get ready for her, and got some new big white boxes in the smelly cat box room, they make noises and he pulls things in and out, then he stopped moving things around. Wow now I have many new things to smell. but I don't when those boxes make noise. Three weeks this goes on and each time dad comes home at different times. He even forgets my meaty bone sometimes in the morning.

Finally he came home very upset and gave me many pets and rubs. We went out to the garden and he sat and watered and I ran around smelling stuff. I went over to him and he gave me lots more pets and told me the mom wasn't coming home any more and some nonsense about someone else de-ticking me. Mom was pretty good at it. He told me she was at the rainbow bridge and would see us later on. Dad is pretty strange sometimes, all the sibs are acting funny too, but it's ok. I''ll wait for her some more and I'm checking on her scent, but her smell is not new anymore.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Please Opy- no can of woop-ass!

I want to say how sorry my mom was that she couldn't send out the Christmas cards even though she signed up for it. This is the card we were going to send .... so... Merry Christmas everyone:

Next- an update on mom's health: she is now on chemo every 3 weeks but on her last re-staging (done every 6 months), the cancer was still only in the bone. The bad part is that her last day of February treatment did not go so well. Both she and dad had the flu all week and hadn't been eating properly. Mom's diabetes along with that and adding a can of chemo and you get HOSPITAL. She was in the emergency room for a day and a half and then monitored in a more quiet place with real beds, etc. She had to have oxygen which she brought home. The day she came home, a very nice lady brought large bottles and small bottles and a very noisy oxygen maker. With the small bottles she was able to go to work and the oxygen maker was used at night. It was so noisy that we had to put it in the main bathroom and close the door and even then, I couldn't stand to be near that machine. The other news is that mom's hours were cut at work to 32 per week but that turned out OK for me cause I then have a full day of her to myself.

Earlier this month, me and the kitty sibs got to go to the vets (Dr. Faith is so nice). I got upset. First- ALL of us were supposed to go on the same day. Simon (Lard butt) and Nerise both hid and couldn't be found. Dad finally just took me and Worf. Dr. Faith said I weighed 75 lbs and needed to loose weight. She even got my dad to buy a sack of weight reducing dog food. How unfair is that! To add insult to injury, the next week Simon and Nerise were rounded up and went to Dr. Faith. I thought she would say Simon is overweight too but she didn't. He weighs 17 lbs for dogs sake. The only thing Dr. Faith said was he was a large kitty. This is so unfair.

I want to bark out to Lacylulu's family as Lacylulu went to the Bridge. Run Free girl! You can find her blog here:

Spring (also known as the windy season) has arrived here in NM. It is in the 70's during the day. The neighbor dogs (1 chow, 2 german shepard older pups) is driving everyone nuts. Every time mom opens the back door to let me out in the yard, the dogs come racing up to the fence and bark and bark and bark. Mom says we need to get a fence put up so I can have some priva C. She also said they were tick enfested and when I go near the fence, the ticks jump on me. I didn't notice them jumping on me. She checks me over every day. She also said it was time for the Furminator so next time I blog you may see a skinnier less hairy me.

C-K-C (who don't want Opy to load that can of woop-ass my way)\