Thursday, November 20, 2008

Charlies update, more bark park walks

hi all, I know I've been off-line for quite awhile, but the Dad has been more upset times at night then days. he has taken me to the bark park the past 3 Sundays. Before that it was hit and miss. I think I finally got him to do it every Sunday. we go later in the morning, it's a tad warmer. Last time there was a mean dog, but the Dad didn't get too excited so I didn't either. Some old friends, but mostly a different crowd. Dad even threw Mr. Ring for me. I thought he'd lost my toy, but he pulled it out and threw it a few times. he says he only does that if no other dogs are around as they grab my toy and want to play too. I still check the bench for Mom when we swing by but her scents are not there anymore, at least not that I let on to the dad, he thinks it's gone, but people have no way to know. many dogs have been by. after all new smells or old, it's what I do!. The dad has gone out a few times with different people I can smell it on him, but nothing serious, only very light smells, but I check it out each time and let him know I notice. After all he's my sole food provider now. He's trying different brands? whatever, I get a different dog food, some are good, others I go after the cat food. I think he's finally catching on. the dad is doing better, but the wonderful meals we used to have that I got some of are gone, I wait and sometimes Dad gives me a little, had some chicken skin, like old times, but not very often. I think he'd like to meet someone else, but so far, he says another dud??, The dad tried explaining that to me, finally I got it, it is like a smell but nothing special. I know about that! gee Dad, I'm a dog,
he says to me he's realizing how special the mom was and it will be impossible to replace her. I tell him he'll find another if we walk the bark park more often. I 'm not sure he buys that, but we have gone 3 times in a row. now he keeps his dog pack in the car, just in case .