Wednesday, July 30, 2008

breaking in a newbie

The dad is now online to try blogging, it took me awhile to convince him, but it helped the mom over problems so maybe he'll come around too. he's not exactly the blogging type, or the get us food on time type or remember to let us in type or well even I don't have time to list them all. I'm working on getting him in line. I still am looking for kathie, but I kinda am getting around to realizing my family got a little bit smaller. did you know people can't see in the dark, that idiot has tripped over me 3 times when he gets up in the middle of the night. I'm not getting excited or sense problems so why is he up stumbling around, go to sleep , us dogs gotta sleep too. The meaty bones issues seemed to be resolved, finally. he's getting better at remembering. does anyone know why he gets excited when eating those funny red squishy things from the garden? he offered me part and after a sniff, I didn't want it, some yellow ones too. C-K-C

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mom isn't coming home

The mom hasn't been doing so good with her cancer. She was going to bed sooner and sooner and resting more. The dad started taking her to visit their vet lots more than before. On the day where so many make noises and loud banging that scares me the dad took mom away very late at night. Dad tried explaining to me that mom was going to be away for awhile until their vet took care of her. It got longer and longer and dad was very late getting me fed everyday. I went and waited for her by her bed every night at 9 or so, but each time she didn't come home. Dad rearranged the house to get ready for her, and got some new big white boxes in the smelly cat box room, they make noises and he pulls things in and out, then he stopped moving things around. Wow now I have many new things to smell. but I don't when those boxes make noise. Three weeks this goes on and each time dad comes home at different times. He even forgets my meaty bone sometimes in the morning.

Finally he came home very upset and gave me many pets and rubs. We went out to the garden and he sat and watered and I ran around smelling stuff. I went over to him and he gave me lots more pets and told me the mom wasn't coming home any more and some nonsense about someone else de-ticking me. Mom was pretty good at it. He told me she was at the rainbow bridge and would see us later on. Dad is pretty strange sometimes, all the sibs are acting funny too, but it's ok. I''ll wait for her some more and I'm checking on her scent, but her smell is not new anymore.