Tuesday, October 06, 2009

election day

the dad got up way early and got ready to go to vote, I'm not sure what that meant but I got my meaty bone early. sometimes he waits on the weekends and I really miss getting that bone early.
the kitty sibs are coming in more otften and I try to say in late to as the nights get colder. the dad hasn't plugged in my water bucket yet, but says he will soon and he says he needs to rearrange my alternate straw place under the his window. I like it there, I can hear him and it's warm under the straw bales. I still chase after the non-pack cats and dad warned me not to bark in the house, gee I'm just warning him, he lets me out and I chase them away, I know he understands as he waits for me to do it, then lets me come back in. he talks tough, but he's a softy. I still can't convince him to give me another cookie when the cat sibs come in. bark park pretty much every sunday, I chased after dogs sunday, many ran hard and I ran after them, many big dogs, and all those wonderful butts and smells, we did do three laps and that last one after all the running I was ready to lay down and take a break. we did for awhile. good thing the dad said we only have the length before we can go home, I was really "dogging" it, bark bark, that day. the dad stopped for a burrito, bark he hasn't done that for awhile, I had some later, I kept that server away from the car barking, the dad kinda rebuffed me, but it was more of a "I can't hear the server guy"
well good, as soon as he left I lay down again. the dad has moved thing around again, my old places have been moved and changed, but he dad is doing more sleeping and lately he's kinda sad, but keeps doing bark park. maybe we can do more like wednesdays,. other than the grass being real tall, not much else, says his cumcumber crop augered in, well it looks like sticky leaves, I sniffed at what he pointed out, ok whatever, If the dad touches it i'll sniff, but not much to sniff, just a bunch of dead stuff. yea he seemed to agree. he watered thr carrots, he offered me one, I sniffed and then chased the cat, I don't understand all this dirt grubbing stuff, I mean to do it to have a cool place, that other stuff he does,.... well he says he's gotta get sleep, he's just sounds tired. me too good doggy dreams for all