Sunday, March 23, 2008

Please Opy- no can of woop-ass!

I want to say how sorry my mom was that she couldn't send out the Christmas cards even though she signed up for it. This is the card we were going to send .... so... Merry Christmas everyone:

Next- an update on mom's health: she is now on chemo every 3 weeks but on her last re-staging (done every 6 months), the cancer was still only in the bone. The bad part is that her last day of February treatment did not go so well. Both she and dad had the flu all week and hadn't been eating properly. Mom's diabetes along with that and adding a can of chemo and you get HOSPITAL. She was in the emergency room for a day and a half and then monitored in a more quiet place with real beds, etc. She had to have oxygen which she brought home. The day she came home, a very nice lady brought large bottles and small bottles and a very noisy oxygen maker. With the small bottles she was able to go to work and the oxygen maker was used at night. It was so noisy that we had to put it in the main bathroom and close the door and even then, I couldn't stand to be near that machine. The other news is that mom's hours were cut at work to 32 per week but that turned out OK for me cause I then have a full day of her to myself.

Earlier this month, me and the kitty sibs got to go to the vets (Dr. Faith is so nice). I got upset. First- ALL of us were supposed to go on the same day. Simon (Lard butt) and Nerise both hid and couldn't be found. Dad finally just took me and Worf. Dr. Faith said I weighed 75 lbs and needed to loose weight. She even got my dad to buy a sack of weight reducing dog food. How unfair is that! To add insult to injury, the next week Simon and Nerise were rounded up and went to Dr. Faith. I thought she would say Simon is overweight too but she didn't. He weighs 17 lbs for dogs sake. The only thing Dr. Faith said was he was a large kitty. This is so unfair.

I want to bark out to Lacylulu's family as Lacylulu went to the Bridge. Run Free girl! You can find her blog here:

Spring (also known as the windy season) has arrived here in NM. It is in the 70's during the day. The neighbor dogs (1 chow, 2 german shepard older pups) is driving everyone nuts. Every time mom opens the back door to let me out in the yard, the dogs come racing up to the fence and bark and bark and bark. Mom says we need to get a fence put up so I can have some priva C. She also said they were tick enfested and when I go near the fence, the ticks jump on me. I didn't notice them jumping on me. She checks me over every day. She also said it was time for the Furminator so next time I blog you may see a skinnier less hairy me.

C-K-C (who don't want Opy to load that can of woop-ass my way)\