Tuesday, October 06, 2009

election day

the dad got up way early and got ready to go to vote, I'm not sure what that meant but I got my meaty bone early. sometimes he waits on the weekends and I really miss getting that bone early.
the kitty sibs are coming in more otften and I try to say in late to as the nights get colder. the dad hasn't plugged in my water bucket yet, but says he will soon and he says he needs to rearrange my alternate straw place under the his window. I like it there, I can hear him and it's warm under the straw bales. I still chase after the non-pack cats and dad warned me not to bark in the house, gee I'm just warning him, he lets me out and I chase them away, I know he understands as he waits for me to do it, then lets me come back in. he talks tough, but he's a softy. I still can't convince him to give me another cookie when the cat sibs come in. bark park pretty much every sunday, I chased after dogs sunday, many ran hard and I ran after them, many big dogs, and all those wonderful butts and smells, we did do three laps and that last one after all the running I was ready to lay down and take a break. we did for awhile. good thing the dad said we only have the length before we can go home, I was really "dogging" it, bark bark, that day. the dad stopped for a burrito, bark he hasn't done that for awhile, I had some later, I kept that server away from the car barking, the dad kinda rebuffed me, but it was more of a "I can't hear the server guy"
well good, as soon as he left I lay down again. the dad has moved thing around again, my old places have been moved and changed, but he dad is doing more sleeping and lately he's kinda sad, but keeps doing bark park. maybe we can do more like wednesdays,. other than the grass being real tall, not much else, says his cumcumber crop augered in, well it looks like sticky leaves, I sniffed at what he pointed out, ok whatever, If the dad touches it i'll sniff, but not much to sniff, just a bunch of dead stuff. yea he seemed to agree. he watered thr carrots, he offered me one, I sniffed and then chased the cat, I don't understand all this dirt grubbing stuff, I mean to do it to have a cool place, that other stuff he does,.... well he says he's gotta get sleep, he's just sounds tired. me too good doggy dreams for all

Monday, September 21, 2009

updates to my doogie life

well that lady he was seeing told him to buzz off, he was crowding her, I like it when he crowds me, I can't get enough rubs from him. guess that lady wasn't into touching, gosh I love it, what a strange lady. we are doing the bark park every Sunday, he says it's good for him too. his vet told him to walk a mile each day and he has, he's losing weight like the vet told me to do too. so we are both losing weight. each bark park day we go is fun, but after 3 laps, 6 trips I get kinda tired, lots of other dogs come and go , and we don't stand around like the others do. the Dad and I go back and forth. most of the others just stand around talking. one lady tried to grab me the other day, I started barking, then the Dad called me over and I went, most times some people try to grab at me, but I'm not having any of that unless the Dad says so. he walks back and forth. I like the park and am always ready to go. some big skinny dogs the other day, after some comment the big dog lady said something to some other people and my dad said, they should realize this is an open park, not just one for their greyhounds. very funny plastic cages on their noses. they didn't seem to do much, my dad said he thinks they are racing dogs. I like to run, but no way to keep up with those big skinny dogs.
well my dad is looking to go to Texas to visit his sib later, I can't go, maybe someday, but that nice lady who visited me last time is supposed to come over. I need to go to the vet, nailtriming, a lady's got to keep her nails up. the dad is moving lots of stuff around in the house, cleaning and getting rid of the mom's old stuff, most of her stuff is gone, the scent is pretty much gone. I sleep on his side of the bed now, I'm getting him trained not to step on me at night. bark is that guy hard to train, can't he see in the dark? he needs better doggie eyes or something. he's getting better, but we both zagged the other day and he almost fell over me. he said some pretty loud things and we both took up out respective places and settled down. well not much else to bark about tonight, getting cooler here, the cold is coming closer, the cat sibs are coming in more, except Simon, he's still looking for the Mom every few days. then stays out until next time.
I don't think he's a happy cat. byebye for now. thanxs for the emails you all send. I know it cheers him up sometimes. he still gets sad sometimes, not so much, but he misses the mom as I do sometimes. at least I've got him trained about dinner. CKC

Thursday, August 27, 2009

aug 27 update

not much to report, we are walking every Sunday and the dad is walking everyday. he seems down tonight, said tonight's date was his shortest ever. all the critters are being quiet tonight
raining on-off. sd is cleaning the house up, lots of stuff already missing, more to go, he says he won't move, but tonight he says he might.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

still alive

hi all, I finally go the dad to do another post, things have gotten better, dad said one of the people who reads this talked to him and she told him to get off his duff and post more stuff. he said the girls are ganging up on him. too bad, how do you explain to males we care? boys can be pretty slow sometimes.
well we are doing the bark park every Sunday now , 3 full laps everytime, early so neither of us get too hot, we may do more than once a week, later. the Dad says the docs have told him to walk more, so he's trying to. 3 laps enough for me, I'm happy to go, but these old bones sure are telling. the heat is pretty bad if the dad drags too late. He's stopped going to Sonic, says water and fruit better than a burrito, I don't eat fruit, water, hmm yea that's always good if cool. lately he;'s been coming home late and having different smells on him, nothing overt, but something is going on. yesterday he was gone for 13 hours and had serious other doggy smells, I think some other dog was getting rubs. manybe he is visiting someone else too. Dad goes into the garden lots, those plants sure seem to need attention. he's tending them lots more than last year and I of course supervise, he tells me to get into the shade, I hold out until I get too hot and go, but as soon as I can come out again, he tells me I'm dumb, but who is dumber ? at least I take a shade break. He does too, but should more often. those plants will be there after the break.
He finally comes in and we go inside, the noisy air machine is running and the sweaty dad cools off, how smart is that in the middel of the day? the other day I caught him looking at an incoming storm, I suggested we would be better off in his cave and at last resorted to vocalizing my concerns. it was getting pretty close. well it worked, he gave up and came it, telling me it was too barking loud to listen to the storm. Sometimes I wonder why God, in her infinite wisdom, stuck me with someone so slow. maybe my job is to keep him safe, well so far it's working, but it's tough sometimes. He does give me meaty bones still, so I'll give him the benefit of my doubts.

the cat, Simon, who was the Mom's cat still comes in once a month to check the place for her
he looks around, finds nothing and goes out. he sleeps alot sometimes eats my dry food, only a few pices, then his own. I've taken to sleeping on the dads side of the bed, he is better about not stepping on me, so his training is coming along. well it's his turn to do stuff, so I'll get off now.


Sunday, May 03, 2009

may days and sunshine

hi all,
getting the dad to sent stuff isn't easy, because he doesn't do it often he forgets then has to look up the information to log in. the dad has taken me every Sunday to the bark park, except last week, but he says he should have instead of doing what he did as it would have been cheaper and gotten more done. he went off in the car without me and was gone for awhile. today we went and it wasn't too hot, the park had no water but the dad has always brought his own, sometimes I'll drink the park water, but I prefer the dad's water. he has some too then so we both drink. we did 3 passes, he calls them laps, had a couple of growls here and there, the nasty dog wasn't there today. it's a mean dog and the dad says that's because his people want he to be mean. I don't understand why they want him to be mean to everyone. I'm happy he wasn't there today, my dad tries to keep me away from them and will change the laps we do. the dad is doing better, lots less bad days, he says his online dating is over. at least for now, he tried to explain, sounds like a bark park walk without the smells, now what the heck is that craziness about? he has gone out some, but says too many are looking for a perfect person which their X wasn't and I'll tell you all , he's not perfect, good yes, builds me good shelters, keeps me in water and kitties to play with and lets me stay in during thunderstorms, but if he did a bark park everyday and more cookies THEN we can bark about the perfect level. he says maybe he's not ready to do it either, he sounds frustrated, hey I say as long as the bark park walks keep going I'll be happy.

bark a happy bark to all who still swing by to visit, the dad reads all. says to tell you he's doing better and new photos soon, he says I've haven't changed, but he has and I remind him no one if one is not growing older and changing they are plant food. he still has lots more white hair than I do at least on this head.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

march windy days

CKC here again, the dad has actually taken me bark park every Sunday, last week I wasn't sure, but he came around.when he locks the door and I'm inside I KNOW it is Bark Park time. me and by kitty sibs went to the vet, I went first then those 3. my littlest one had to have a tooth removed so she's feeling punk today. The dad is supposed to give her nasty stuff, but Neris seems to have some trust issues with the dad right now, he comes in and she's gone. I usually play chase her, but we aren't doing that, I'm concerned, but it's not a concern like dad had when the mom went to the rainbow bridge. Dad said it cost him an arm and a leg for the bills, but he still seems to get around OK. He says I cost him so much, he had to keep me around as guard dog, just to pay off my debt. he gets silly sometimes. but he does give me lots more pets. now that the mom doesn't. the vet said I had critters, and the vet showed them to him, my dad said been there, done that and no he didn't want them, The vet said the guys usually do. later on my dad explained getting rid of them was the goal. very strange. the Mom used to do that, but the dad isn't quite up to her level of dog maintenance. Ozzy, my dad says he knows how that good days/bad days are, my dad gets gets in one of those sad times and he kinda just does nothing, like he is paralyzed, he does nothing, and sometimes misses eating, says it's a good thing I'm around, I never let him miss my meals. he may get to it late, and sometimes that's OK, but I'm careful to remind him. if he gets mine, he usually caves in and gets food too, which , of course I think we should share. he's not as good as the Mom was about sharing, but he does cave in sometimes. he's lost weight which is good, just like I have. I try to tell him Bark Park is good, more is better, but he claims he has to earn critter food coupons most days. he tried explaining about something call money, but I understand what critter food coupons do, get us food!
my dad says he can do a NM picture for the bumpdogs, but was confused about where to post it. he tried the site, but he was tired, I said to try later, let me out for the night and go to sleep.
he's good doing that some days, others no so well. I can post new pictures, the dad has them, but he is a little slow sometimes. he cycles in and out, for him it's been almost 8 months, and he's having more good days than bad ones, usually. it's almost garden time, windy here a few days, I don't like that, but the shelter dad built for the cold time seems to work pretty well for the wind time too. my dad wants to say thanxs to all who have replied, and hopes some will stay on, it seems to help him sometimes. he says ge's gotta go now, to use up those ctitter food coupons

Thursday, January 22, 2009

dad training a long work in progress

wow this is pretty often for me on this blog, but getting the dad to do this at all is pretty important to me/ I'm supervising him under his desk, he stayed home today, he slept most of the day and I was quiet in the yard, I bugged him until he gave up and let me be next to him, like I used to do with the mom. dad still getting upset over the mom, I worry, some days are good , but some not. he tells me he gets worse when tired, so I go to bed about nine to encourage him to go to, sometimes he does, he should try not to worry so much, but work is stresssing him out.
and he has stuff to do, too much maybe, he is getting better at petting me, the cookies, well he caves sometimes, meal time is better, more on time bark-bark. I'm telling him to visit the other dog blogs, and he tried it, but I'm not sure he's very good at it or maybe he won't just go ahead an sniff some butt, hey dad take a bark park tour, do you see any dogs not meeting and sniffing butt? big, small we all do it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

wow bark park twice this week

wow the dad took me to the vet for nail trim and then to the bark park. he took me late sun morning too. we did 3 laps and I was ready to go too. lots of dogs that late. the dad commented about one guy who did not want his dog to sniff, even my dad said to me, gee doesn't he know that's lots of what we do is sniff? I mean really thats how we meet, greet, p-mail, all of it, the dog seemed nervous, if the guy wanted a kid get a kid instead of a dog. maybe the dog will train the fellow correctly, but some people just aren't trainable. Mt dad does pretty good cleanup, he says he never needs my help, that I already did my part. he's getting pretty good at it, when he first started he was pretty crappy, so I normally go on to sniff whatever is availble to sniff. we saw another human who treid to pretend the poop his dog did wasn't his, the dad says that's way he watches out for that stuff when he walks with me. the park was open all the way today and we did 3 laps. weather warmer so maybe I can convince the dad to bark park more often, maybe in the afternoon he says. can dogs hold their breath that long, I'll believe it when my sib cat Worf, quits taking offense at me sniffing his butt.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

C-K-C january post

the Dad is feeling better, we have gone to the bark park every sunday and even today, on tuesday, really special. I went to a nail-trimming first, my nails grow long and don't wear down very fast and I need them trimmed. He comes home a few times with strange dog and people smell, he says he's out on a date, but no smell is repeated. The bark park has men in big trucks digging holes, I suggested to the dad I be allowed to help, but he said no and we went for another lap. one pup was really running around jumping everything, I growled, but what do you do with those youngsters? the vet says I've lost weight, so I guess that's good, so has the dad, we never have a normal eating night like we used to, and he's pretty bad about a regular time, but he''s gotten us fed every time. over christmans he went away and a nice girl fed us, the cats all ran away, and she put down food for us and water, she was nice, I liked her. The dad thinks she spoiled me on snacks, come-on dad is that even possible? well I want her back, my cookie count sure was higher then. if you know anyone here in ABQ who wants to date my dad hes telling me to pass it on, he said, can't do any worse then nothing, right after he pets me, so why not, I'll put it on my blog, I like the ear rub part. he's still a little slow about taking the hint to let me out, but we have worked out a system at night he's finally gotten. geez, it's so hard to retrain people sometimes, but the more bark park stuff is good, he's coming along, if somewhat slow.
the dad took new pictures, now if he will post them, maybe next time,