Thursday, August 27, 2009

aug 27 update

not much to report, we are walking every Sunday and the dad is walking everyday. he seems down tonight, said tonight's date was his shortest ever. all the critters are being quiet tonight
raining on-off. sd is cleaning the house up, lots of stuff already missing, more to go, he says he won't move, but tonight he says he might.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

still alive

hi all, I finally go the dad to do another post, things have gotten better, dad said one of the people who reads this talked to him and she told him to get off his duff and post more stuff. he said the girls are ganging up on him. too bad, how do you explain to males we care? boys can be pretty slow sometimes.
well we are doing the bark park every Sunday now , 3 full laps everytime, early so neither of us get too hot, we may do more than once a week, later. the Dad says the docs have told him to walk more, so he's trying to. 3 laps enough for me, I'm happy to go, but these old bones sure are telling. the heat is pretty bad if the dad drags too late. He's stopped going to Sonic, says water and fruit better than a burrito, I don't eat fruit, water, hmm yea that's always good if cool. lately he;'s been coming home late and having different smells on him, nothing overt, but something is going on. yesterday he was gone for 13 hours and had serious other doggy smells, I think some other dog was getting rubs. manybe he is visiting someone else too. Dad goes into the garden lots, those plants sure seem to need attention. he's tending them lots more than last year and I of course supervise, he tells me to get into the shade, I hold out until I get too hot and go, but as soon as I can come out again, he tells me I'm dumb, but who is dumber ? at least I take a shade break. He does too, but should more often. those plants will be there after the break.
He finally comes in and we go inside, the noisy air machine is running and the sweaty dad cools off, how smart is that in the middel of the day? the other day I caught him looking at an incoming storm, I suggested we would be better off in his cave and at last resorted to vocalizing my concerns. it was getting pretty close. well it worked, he gave up and came it, telling me it was too barking loud to listen to the storm. Sometimes I wonder why God, in her infinite wisdom, stuck me with someone so slow. maybe my job is to keep him safe, well so far it's working, but it's tough sometimes. He does give me meaty bones still, so I'll give him the benefit of my doubts.

the cat, Simon, who was the Mom's cat still comes in once a month to check the place for her
he looks around, finds nothing and goes out. he sleeps alot sometimes eats my dry food, only a few pices, then his own. I've taken to sleeping on the dads side of the bed, he is better about not stepping on me, so his training is coming along. well it's his turn to do stuff, so I'll get off now.