Saturday, February 07, 2015

Last Call

Many things have happened and the family is all but gone, including me. The mom passed 2008, the dad has remarried and I lived with them until just recently. Worf died of old age, Simon and Neryes went to live together, then I heard Simon died, natural causes, he was old when the Mom and Dad rescued him from the shelter. I had a good yard, grass too, then it got rocked to save water and it was hard to walk on. I started getting old. I stayed in the warm house and garage sometimes when it was real cold. I had some of the problems old critters get and got some meds for it. The Vet pretty much said I was getting old. The sunny spots felt good on many days, and the dad always had a good spot for me inside on my own blanket. The Dad said I was living longer than most dogs in my weight and general class category. Some days I just didn't want to get up, but I did because that's what dogs do. I was always happy to see the Dad, but I was getting a lot slower and I think that one day he came looking for me, I was warm in my heated doggy space, I looked at him and he me and I think we both knew our paths were going to separate soon. One more vet visit and the doc told the Dad I was almost half what I did weigh, and lots of my parts were not working, I know some days the aspirin didn't always work. But the Dad always kept the water melted and the food on time. Extra treats too. My looker-after when they were gone lady visited and she was unhappy and then all the days were sunny, until my Dad loaded me up one last time. That day it was rainy, Everyone at the vet's office was very quiet and the dad was sad. He stayed with me as the vet gave me a shot to relax me. The Dad sat on the floor with me. It was very nice to have my head on his lap. His rubs were good as always. Well the next thing I know I've crossed the Rainbow Bridge and I see the Mom and all the critters she had and since most were cats they faked disinterest, I got to meet her before me dog, Baron, he was a nice one, big, but nice. I asked where the Dad was and the Mom said he'll be along later. So we play, eat and lay in the sun, sometimes we think about those who are yet to come and some days we don't.

Charli passed quietly Sept 19. 2014. She was, by our best estimates almost 18 years old where most dogs of her make and model live to be 15-16. I miss her and all my critters.

the Dad, Tom