Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm happy to see some old friends still here, the dad will be in the Seattle area in a month, if he has time maybe he'll look up the old dog haven. he's not happy about parting company because he always has been the last person all his past critters see before the Rainbow Bridge. He's not one of those throw away critters on a whim type, even if he finds a tick on me.
Yes we are still in Albuquerque, NM . the dads new place is Rio Rancho, a place NW of Albuquerque, about 20 miles away. I know I'm pretty old 17? I was about 2 years when the dad and passed mom found me in the pound. People always want a young jumpy puppy, maybe in my next life I will come back as a dog, why mess with perfection?  this week I am going to try the new place, but my new future mom is sending mixed signals to my dad.. Dad made me a bed in the garage last night, it was better than the ground, but not my home. my home has 2 really nice cubby holes, but the new mom will not allow my dad to have those in her yard. I think the dad will create one if I can stay. They are planning a long trip soon and I got to visit the family who will look after me. they have 3 dogs and I can only stay for a visit. they have a big house. I was very quiet and the people said when I got up to go to my dad I was more animated then I was since I got there. Strange house, strange but nice people.  this week my dad is taking me to get cleaned and polished, I hope he's kidding about that polished part.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

hi all it's been a long time since my last post, one cat has been readapted and is doing well, now my plea, do you know anyone who might take an old dog in. me?? the dad has kept up with my shots and license, but the new place he's moving to with a soon to be wife isn't a very good dog yard and the new mom had to get rid of her old dog, and well the floor to too slippery for me. I tried and while my dad laughed , it wasn't funny to have no traction at all. the lady is nice enough but her yard is too neat and sterile, I wonder if my dad can even make it a good yard. it took awhile getting back online, the dumb dad forgot all the passwords, its a wonder he even remembered the place, but he wants me to go to a family that will love a good dog. and thought this would be another avenue of chance. any chance you have room for 2 old cats too, Simon and Worf?  just checking. I missed Nesire, when she went away, and heard she hid in the garage for almost  a week in her new home. now she is a family member. btw I get along with small critters, some feral cats have moved in and while my yard is very different from 2 years ago, those darn cats follow me everywhere.