Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm happy to see some old friends still here, the dad will be in the Seattle area in a month, if he has time maybe he'll look up the old dog haven. he's not happy about parting company because he always has been the last person all his past critters see before the Rainbow Bridge. He's not one of those throw away critters on a whim type, even if he finds a tick on me.


Anonymous said...

hey Charlie, if your dad will be here in the Seattle area, can he bring you with him? we will take you in and/or we can help with Old Dog Haven. we want you to have a happy good home and we can love you for the rest of your life. or if your dad prefers, Old Dog Haven will find a place for you in their network. Old Dog Haven is always full of old dogs, but we can beg and we can volunteer.

of course, the best thing would be for you to stay with your dad, but if that is not going to work out, then please tell your dad that we can give you a loving home for the rest of your days. it's hard for old dogs to make changes, but if a change has to be made, then please let it be a good change. we just want the very best for you - mostly a comfy bed and lots of love.

if your dad wants to email our mom the address is schnoodlepooh at comcast dot net.

take care, Charlie, you are a good dog and we are going to make sure everything is good for you.


Peanut said...

We hope you have contacted someone by now. Thinking of you.

the many Bs said...

well, it's been 6 months and we're still thinking about you, Charlie. we hope you're doing okay, wherever you are.

Unknown said...

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