Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back Barking Sad and glad things

This has been a trying time. Where to begin! My Gma (dad's mom) went to the bridge at the end of September. She had been ill for a very long time. She is buried next to Gpa at the National Cemetery in Santa Fe NM. Dad is sad so I've been doing my best at healing him. Next, my mom has not been doing the greatest. She was having her chemo in September and her vein blew halfway thru so she was told she would have to get a port. A port is a thing that allows the chemo and blood people to jack into her to get blood from her or give her chemo. This is a picture of what a port looks like

Mom was so brave. She opted not to have them nock her out completely! She said she could hear everyone talking. She didn't hork up like she does when they put her under completely so it was better for her. She was able to go to work the next day. She had her first chemo with the port in October and wondered why she had been fighting against it for so long. They sprayed some stuff on her port to numb it and then put in the needle which she didn't even feel. She said she could get up and go poddy and eat lunch and do her puzzle books. She even took a nap. When she had chemo in the vein, she had to sit so still and even then, there were times when the vein blew for no reason at all. She came home all smiling instead of the usual crying.

My barkday and my parents anniversary was in late October. We didn't really celebrate it cause dad was still sad about Gma as he is the Execute her. I don't understand why he has to kill her again cause she is already dead. Dad says it has to do with her things and dividing them up. I'm glad we dogs, cats and hammies don't have to worry about these things. In addition to this, mom and dad were in a car accident. The were driving Gma's car and somebody rear-ended them. The person then backed up and drove away. Dad is still seeing a kyropracter to realign his bones in his spine. Mom was really upset because the car was totaled and she no longer had an automatic to drive. She has her old manual car but it is harder for her to drive. She said even tho it was a 1995 car, it only had 43,000 miles on it cause Gma hardly drove it anywhere. Her car has 173,000 miles on it.

Thanksgiving was a good time this year. We had french toast for breakfast and I got some. In addition, I had some scrambled eggs from the french toast dipping leftovers. I got Turkey also. Mom had a toasted turkey sandwich late that night and I got some of that. This morning we had french toast again and mom made a special piece from the heel just for me.

Winter has finally hit New Mexico. The nights have been freezing and I have stayed in most nights. When I do choose to go out, I have my crate filled with straw so it is quite toasty.

Hopefully my mom will be feeling better and I will be blogging more.

Well, I have to go help mom make turkey enchiladas for dinner. I get turkey scraps but none of the other stuff cause my gas would be quite nasty.


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Craziness and Cheetos

I just noticed it has been a month since I last posted. My secretary is very tardy. Things have been especially crazy. My dad's brother was hang gliding and had a very bad landing. After crashing, putting his hang glider up and driving back into town, he went to the hospital. He had broken his elbow into pieces and they had to cut off part of one of the bones in his right arm and put him back together again. The doctors couldn't believe that he had actually put up his glider and driven himself back into town without passing out (he did say he had to pull over a couple of times to keep from passing out). He is in physical therapy and still has a long recovery altho he is driving now. In fact, he is driving up to ABQ (3 hrs from his home in the southern part of the state) because my Gma is in the hospital. Her pace-maker isn't working properly. I guess it only works for part of her heart. Dad is with her at the hospital now.

Mom had another round of chemo last Friday and didn't do really well this past week. She hurt so bad on Saturday that she couldn't stand to have her massage. Mostly the massage lady just did a lite touch on her so she wouldn't cry. She has been going to bed really early every night. Mom didn't get to find out about her physical therapy today because Gma went into the hospital. She had to change it to next week. It's getting so I can't keep up with all the sickies here.

I made a break for it yesterday. Dad went out the front door and forgot about me. I was out the door and across the front yard before he had time to realize what had happened. I didn't run very far tho and when dad got to me, he made me sit and then put the leash on me. He didn't yell at me or anything. I thought we were going to the bark park cause I had my leash on and we went by the car but he just said- "No Charlie- no bark park tonight". Mom was proud that I came back when they called me. She said that the bark park helped with that.

Lastly- Cheetos. Has anyone else had cheetos? They are wonderful! They are crunchy cheesy tasting things. I don't know what they are made of (except cheese but maybe not real cheese) but they sure are good. Mom gives them to me cause she likes to watch me crunch them. I don't care as long as I get to eat them.

Sorry there are no pics and the post is so short.


Sunday, July 01, 2007

It's been sooo.. long

Sorry it's been so long but Mom hasn't had time to do my blog and her work at home so my blog suffered. The good news:

For the last 3 Sunday's we have gone to the bark park. Sorry I don't have pics but Dad is still doing poop duty. The first Sunday we went around 9am and Mom had her walker. After 3 laps Dad and I were both tired and hot. We stopped on the way home at the local Sonic drive in and Mom and Dad got lime aides. They didn't get me anything. Sniff.... The next Sunday (last Sunday) Mom used her cane to get to the bench on the North side of the park. We went at 9ish again and it was too dang hot. After one lap I put my foot (well paw & butt) down and wouldn't go any further. We left to go home and stopped at the Sonic again. Dad got a breakfast burrito and gave me the very end of it. Today we went to the park again but got there by 7am. Much cooler. My BFF Sassy and her new sister Phoebe were there. I haven't seen them since January. Mom talked to Sassy's dad and mom for a few minutes before we left. Sassy came up to Mom and gave her a sniff and lick and smiled at her. Mom was glad she got to see her. Sassy's Dad said they were worried about us since they hadn't seen us in so long. On the way back we stopped at Sonic again and Mom & Dad got breakfast burritos and Cranberry Slushes. Mom only ate half of her's and gave me the other half. It tasted pretty darn good.

Not too much else to tell. Some days are good for Mom and some aren't. She is having trouble keeping her blood readings from getting too low. A couple of times she has been near to passing out. Mom is still loosing weight. She is down to 185 lbs. She started at 236 lbs last September. She says that she hasn't been this skinny since she first met Dad.

Well- everyone else seems to doing this so...

1. Your age? 8 years old

2. Your age when came to live with your people? about 1 year old

3. What color is the collar you’re wearing right now? It is a washed out teal color

4. Who is your favorite person other than the people you live with? I don't have someone else.

5. How much do you weigh? 75 lbs

6. Most expensive thing you’ve ever chewed up? My dollies. Mom says they are a gazillion dollars a piece and threatens not to get me any more but I know she doesn't mean it.

7. Do you like other Dogs? I like some dogs. I like Sassy and her family and I love Jake (he wasn't there today- sigh)

8. Who is your best non-human friend? That would have to be Simon our 20lb lardbutt cat. For someone who isn't here in person, I'd have to say Miss Sunshade. She is so nice and her Mom is very nice too.

9. Squeaky Toys or Tennis Balls? Squeaky toys (dollies only). If it's not a dolly, it must die.

10. Do you like to be brushed? Mom uses the furminator on me. I don't mind it though.

11. Peanut Butter or Cheese? I love them both. Peanut Butter cookies for going in and out of the back door and cheese for any medicine I have to take.

12. Do your people cut your nails? Absolutely NOT. I won't even let Mom and Dad touch my paws. They have to take me to the vet to have it done.

13. Any formal education? I had a basic puppy class at Canine Country Club but I didn't learn much

14. Couch potato or Energizer Bunny? Couch Potato so to speak as I don't get up on furniture at all.

15. Five nicknames your people call you. Tsawie, Chuck, Charlie Chuck, Arrow Butt

16. What is your best trick? Catching Mr. Ring at the Bark Park.

17. Do you like kitties? I'd better- I live with 3 of them.

18. What did you have for breakfast? half a breakfast burrito (egg, ham, flour tortilla) and of course my daily meaty bone. Mom has the butcher trained well. They pick out the juciest meaty bones for me. Now when Mom get meat the butcher always asks- for you or for Charlie.

19. Can you hunt (aka have you ever killed anything living)? If so, what? A bird moving too slow across my airspace. I own the air above where my yard is so they are not entitled to be there.

20. When & why was the last time you went to the V.E.T.? I went for my shots and microchipping and nail trim this spring. Dad is making mutterings about my nails needing trimming.

Well- I'm off to a cool rest. It's too hot to be out (90's).


Sunday, May 27, 2007

More torcher devices

Hey everypup & Girl Girl:

Hadn't realized how long since I last blogged. Mom hasn't been doing that great. The radiation treatment helped some of the back pain but not all. Her Sy Actica is really bothering her and she hasn't been able to get rid of the metal monster. Actually she has a new torcher device. It is a grabber to grab things up high or down low (hopefully none of my parts).

Mom undergoes her second "chemo" session on Tuesday afternoon.

Mom would like to thank Sunshade's mom and Lillie Valentine's mom for gathering get well cards from all over the world and passing them on to her. She liked the unicorn and the dog post-it notes too. She would also like to thank Sunshade's mom for the carved glass with a picture of mom, dad and me with the words "Love Conquers". Mom has it on her desk at work. There was also some tag bling for me- a heart shaped dog charm with my picture on one side and the Long Life sign on the other.

Some of the doggies are blogging about what blogging means to them. I would like to tell every-one what it has meant for me and mom:

1. If not for DWB, I would never have gotten to the dog park or gotten to meet other dogs, whether on-line or in person.

2. I would not have had my diet changed for the better and would not have meaty bones.

3. I would not have felt the love and prayers from dogs & FuFu & Girl Girl and their hoomans all over the world for me & mom.

4. I would not be C-K-C

Hoping to blog more often.


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Update on Mom and surprises

My mom finished up her 2nd week of radiation treatment and her first "chemo" which isn't really chemotherapy. It is a shot to strengthen her bones because this type of cancer leaves her bones brittle. It takes 2 hours for the stuff to go in cause it is given by something called eye-vee which is, as mom explained it, lots of water going into your blood thru a needle they stick you with. Sure am glad it's her and not me! It made her kind of sick to her stomach and she was too tired to even get around the next day. She was too tired to even go to her radiation treatment so it added an extra day onto the treatments so she has to go every day this coming week.

In case some weren't aware, my mom is still using a walker after her back surgery. I included a picture that looks something like the one my mom has.

My mom's has 5 inch wheels on the front and tennis balls on the back. She also has a blue and green pouch which drapes over the middle that has a pocket for a water bottle, a covered pocket in the front for stuff and an open pocket where she puts her puzzle and reading books. I call her walker the metal monster. I keep thinking that thing is going to eat me, even tho I have been under the walker when it is sitting dormant. At first I thought she had stolen my Kong squeeky tennis balls for her walker but she said she did not. I told dad that she should have flames painted on the tires but she put that thought to rest. She is also wearing a back brace that looks something like the bullet proof vests the cops wear but doesn't go as high.

Anyhow- the big surprise today was BARK PARK! I couldn't believe it when mom took down my bark park bag and started going thru it. I thought- she's lost something and is looking for it (I didn't want to get my hopes up). But she took out the bandanna and asked me if I wanted to go to the bark park? OF COURSE! stupid question mom! We all got out to the car and the worst thing happened! I had to share the back seat with the metal monster. Well- I showed who was boss of course. When we got to the bark park we went to the north entrance which was closest to a bench for mom to sit on. Since dad then had to do poop patrol and keep an eye out for me, no pictures but I didn't mind. I ran and ran and had such a good time. While I have been gone, they also put in a water faucet so now we don't have to bring our own water if we don't want to. That was very nice. We didn't stay too long as there was a storm coming in but were there long enough for my dad to do a couple of laps of the park and enough time for me to get my arfritis hurting , but it was way worth it. After the park we went home and I had a turkey neck meaty-bone for breakfast.

Well- off to nap

C-K-C (one tired puppy)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thank you for the things you do!

Thank you for all the pawyers from fellow bloggers for my mom. Special thank you to Charlie the big dog for the button on his web site. She is still in quite a bit of pain but is managing. Dad takes her to her radiation treatment every morning and then on to work. She has treatments every weekday until May 10th. The good (?) note in all of this is that the medicine she is on takes away all her appetite so I get a lot of leftovers and she gets to lose weight. The down side is no barkpark yet. Mom has beat cancer once before so I know she can do it again. I will keep you posted on any news.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Serious blog

I want to apologize to my mom for thinking she was lazy and didn't want to take me to the bark park. I am going to let mom tell you about the serious turn in her health cause I don't know those med-co terms..

Charlie's Mom here-

For the last month I have been either home with a severe pain in my back or in the hospital. It started out in the middle of March. I just thought it was a strained back along with arthritis. After a week home and in bed, I was no better off so I went to an urgent care facility not too far from my house. The doctor gave me some muscle relaxants and pain killers, took an x-ray and sent me home with the advise to see my primary care physician. I had yet another xray on while at my primary care that showed a hairline fracture of L5 (lower back). Still no letup from pain. Saturday, March 24th I couldn't even sit up on my own. Charlie's dad was out running errands so I called him to come home right away. After a series of calls, the long and short of it was, it would be faster to call an ambulence. They admitted me thru the emergency department. They took some more xrays of my back and this time it showed that the hairline fracture became a full blow-out and included L3 and L4. Whilst in hospital, I first had needle biopsy performed on me (By this darling physician who didn't look old enough to be driving a car!). I also had two MRIs (had to be fully sedated to do this because of my claustrophobia), full body scan, 4-6 head shots and a CTscan. The spinal guy (who I didn't like at all) told me that it might be cancerous. I asked to bring in my cancer doctor and the surgeon just ignored me so I simply called her myself. She was in the next morning, had looked at all the xrays, reports, etc. It appears that my breast cancer of 4 years ago had popped up in a different place (metastisized in my vertebra bones). The arimidex that I had been taking to prevent this was'nt doing its job. The cancer had become immune to that medication. The new stuff is injected into my bum once a month. Treatment for the bad vertebra is simple (well sort-of). The cartilage is scraped out between the two vertebrate, the vertibrate held open and "cement" put between the vertebrate to take the place of the missing cartelage.
In addition, when they did the cement job on my back, they stuck a needle round and heated it to kill cancer cells. They also removed the vertebra fragment that was resting against my spinal nerve. I had an appointment with the doctor today about radiation therapy. I will be taking radiation therapy 5 times a week (M-F) for at 2 weeks. This is to kill any cancer cells that are still around . Chemotherapy is not sceduled at this time so I won't loose all of my hair (thank doggness though I still have my wig). So things are not all good nor all bad. In the meantime, if you see a little old lady pushing a grey walker run down her . Well- enought for this sicky stuff. Back to Charlie!

C-K-C's mom Kathleen

See, See! I just knew you couldn't be faking it that long mom! Well'll

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blogging "vacation"

Charlie won't be able to blog for a little while. Something has come up with her mom and her dad doesn't know how to blog. Charlie will try to check in with everybody's blog and maybe leave a comment from time to time.

Charlie's Mom

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Short post

Hey everypup and fufu. This will be a short post with no pics. Mom threw her back out and has a pinched nerve. She has to take a no spaz drug and more-feen. She said it is not working very well though cause she can't get up or down without whining and whimpering. Dad has been feeding me and the kitty sibs and frankly, it is not the same! Mom takes 15 minutes to crab around on the bed and get up. I can't wait til she is better. I didn't even get to go to the bark park this weekend. The only good thing about all this is that dad goes and gets shredded roast beef burritos for dinner and mom gives me some of the roast beef. I do sqeek my cuz and that makes mom laugh. Hopefully this won't last long and we will be back to blogging.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Oops- forgot something!

I forgot to mention a new dog blogger and from right here in Albuquerque. Just pop on over to the ZooCrew and say howdy. They seem like a very nice bunch.


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Odds, ends and new sisters

I didn't get to the bark park today. It was too cold (21F this morning) for mom. Her arfritis is bothering her knees so bad she can barely stand. The reason I wanted to go this week was to meet up with Sassie. We got to the park last week just as she was leaving. She has a new little sister Phoebe (called Fee). I didn't get to see what kind of dog Phoebe was but I could see Sassie's happiness. She hasn't been so happy since Mikey died. When I get a picture of Phoebe, I will post it.

Now- MJ from Vancouver posted her bits on her web site. I told her I would do it too. Since then, and because my dad is soooo slooow, several dogs have posted their bits. So here are my bits:

My front paws at rest:

My head (notice my beautiful brown eyes and mask) and teefies:

The back of my head and soft ears (notice the arrow pointing toward my nose):

I saved the best bit for last. This is specially for Studly Dudley! My arrow butt:

sometimes mom even calls me "arrow butt". I hope no one was offended by that last pic.

Now for some past business. Fei asked me for pictures of my food (Eve- if you still have questions, you can e-mail my mom at my e-mail. Just click on my profile and find my e-mail address). so here it goes...

The first picture is of my turkey neck:

The next is my oxtails:

Next is beef rib:

I get one of the above every morning for breakfast.

Now for dinner (not for the faint of heart- pun intended):

Don't worry- I don't eat the whole beef heart at a meal (I know you were worried about that one!). My mom got that whole beef heart at the butcher shop yesterday. She cut it in half and each half in 3rds. Each 3rd is cut into bite-size pieces. I get heart or half a tin of canned salmon or 1/3 can EVO dog food (choice of chicken/turkey, duck, rabbit, venison) and 1 cup of EVO kibble. Mom also gives me pumpkin (canned- not pie filling) mixed with yogurt (or just plain yogurt) to aid my digestion. Seems I am considered a senior dog (when did THAT happen!).

I saved the best for last. Mom and dad stopped by Petsmart (I have never been there and would certainly like to go- hint hint mom) and brought the next two things home for me:

Since everyone is talking about the CUZ on their blogs when mom saw one at Petsmart, she had to get it. It's OK and I like it but I don't have the urge to do non-stop squeaking with it. I am used to fuzzies I guess. Cuz is covered with my hair and slobber though.

The next item is called an alternative to Pigs Ears. Since I have never had a Pigs ear, I don't have anything to judge it against but these are peanut butter flavored (my favorite flavor). The only bad thing is that they are gone in a minute.

Well- that's about it. I'm going for a quick tour of the yard before dinner.

C-K-C (watching the sun set)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

A big Thank you

A big THANK YOU to everypup who put in a good word with the Big Dog for Sassie's Gma. We didn't go to the bark park last week due to mom's accident but went today and mom asked Sassie's dad how Gma was doing. Sassie's dad said she came thru the surgery fine and is walking around with the help of a walker. You guys are just awesome.

I was taken to the vet by dad this past week along with my 3 kitty sibs. We got shots, licenses and micro-chipped. I got my nails done also. It's the law in Albuquerque that you have to have your pet spayed or neutered or pay a breeder's license fee of $150.00 per animal and $150.00 per litter. Everyone must have a rabies shot and everyone must be microchipped. I don't particularly like going to the vet but it was OK this time. Actually the fun was before the trip. Mom has told dad I don't know how many times the order in which to get us all together. It goes like this:
1. Put Charlie out in the yard temporarily.
2. Get Nerise first by going by her on the bed and suddenly grabbing her and stuffing her in her cage.
3. Get Simon and put him in his cage.
4. Get Worf and put him in his cage.
5. Take kitty cages to truck and put in back.
6. Return to house, get Charlie, lock up house and put Charlie in front of truck.
At Vets, take kitty cages in first and then go back for Charlie. When retrieving from Vet, put Charlie in truck first and then kitty cages.

Well- what really happened! Worf and Simon got caged. By this time Nerise was doing zoomies all around the house, totally freaking out. I was trying to help dad get Nerise. Dad finally had all doors closed to other rooms and Nerise was in the living room. Dad couldn't find Nerise but I knew where she was. I poked my head under the TV table to let dad know where she was (hiding behind the video tower). Dad couldn't see her (grey kitty in black hole) until she lifted her head and he saw her eyes. He grabbed her and stuffed her in her cage. He took all of the kitty cages to the truck and then came back for me. When we came home that night it was snowing. Mom had just gotten home from work so she helped bring all of us in. I was so glad to be home. I was very thirsty. I don't like the vet water so chugged down a lot of my home water. Mom gave me a cookie. I ate most of the cookie and then horked it up because I drank too much water too fast.

Valentine's day - there was 2 inches of snow when my mom woke up to get ready to go to work. She had brought worky work home the previous night (she had heard the weather report and was prepared) so worked from home all day. Dad called in sick as his leg was bothering him and he didn't want to slip and slide everywhere. We got a total of 4 inches of snow on Valentine's day. Later in the day the snow had melted off the roads and mom and dad went out to their favorite Italian restaurant for an early dinner. They were back home by 6pm and fed us then.

I have to say I like my new diet. I get oxtail or beef rib or turkey neck every morning. I get the EVO canned and kibble in the evening sometimes supplemented with beef liver or turkey biscotti or what I can beg from my parent's meal. This morning (before my meaty bone and after the bark park) I got pumpkin mixed with yogurt. I also got some scrambled egg florentine (eggs, cheese, spinach, rosemary).

In addition to the regular dogs (Cookie, Sassie, Baily) there were a bunch of other dogs at the park so I ran and played hard. We got there early this morning so there was about a half hour that dad threw Mr. Ring for me and I chased it. I am one tired dog. I am down for a nap before dinner.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

A little bit of everything -advice on pawsonal training

Well everypup- I think my mom is jinxed. She and dad left early this morning to do the usual Saturday errands and didn't get back til late. My mom was perfectly fine when she left the house. When she returned, it looked like her whole left side of her face had been in some horrible accident. She has a very large road rash over her left eye. She has a scratch under her nose, across her nose where her glasses go and her eyelid is so swollen and black and blue she can barely see. She was walking out of a store to go to the car. One minute she's on her feet and the next moment she's kissing the asphalt. She scraped her glasses really bad (not to mention her face) and since the eye glass place was open late, she went and got a new pair (actually just like the old pair) ordered. She's had ice packs on the eye 20 minutes out of the hour since she got home. At least she got me that new EVO food (kibble and canned). I got a nice ox-tail for breakfast this morning. She also picked up liver and turkey necks at the butchers. I also was given yogurt again. I love that stuff! It's kind of like ice cream. Mom says we are still planning to go to the bark park tomorrow. When mom and dad got home today, mom let me in the house. Dad was still bringing in stuff from the car. Mom went out to get some stuff and dad opened the door and didn't tell me stay like mom does so I ran for it. Dad didn't scream like he usually does. Mom went to get the leash and my puperonies. I just went as far as the house on the corner of the cul de sack and barked at those guys and then came back to my dad. He was really happy about that.

Now- where my mom works they are having a pool to see who can loose the most weight between Feb 9th and May 25th. Each person entering has to pay $5.00. The person who looses the most gets 2/3 of the pot, the 2nd place winner 1/3 of the pot. The person who gained the most gets a gift certificate from Stone Cold Creamery (they have ice cream type stuff)- not sure if that's fair! Anyhow, when you put in your $5, you get weighed. Mom weighed less that she thought and is really excited about winning this pool by loosing the most weight. She already does the 4 round trips at the bark park. I was wondering if anyone out there had any other ideas to help her loose the weight. She has assigned me to be her pawsonal trainer. So if you can think of anything, let me know. Thanks.

C-K-C (who doesn't care if mom looks like a car wreck, as long as she brings the food)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Request for prayers and other stuff

First- Sassy's Gma (her dad's mom) is in the hospital and having surgery tomorrow. Some kind of blockage. Sassy's dad asked if we could include her in our prayers so I said yes. I know the big Dog will listen and funnel the healing to Sassy's Gma.

I think Sassy is still grieving for Mikey. She goes running to every white dog she sees and looks so depressed to find it's not Mikey.

Funny thing this morning. My mom had gotten dressed early but dad was still stuck in bed. Just before we left for the dog park, mom starts wiggling around like she is going to have a freaking heart attack. Turns out she had her sports bra on backwards and her boobs were falling out all over the place while her bra was practically choking her. I tell you, I am so glad I don't have to wear a bra! I was also very good and didn't laugh at her (even tho I wanted to soooo badly). Dad thought it was funny too.

I want to thank Sunshade's mom for the suggestion that my mom get Innovia EVO dog food. Mom went to the local store where they have it and they had some sample bags of the dry food. She took one of the EVO and one of the Innovia Senior Plus kibble. She also got a small can of the EVO wet food. She also got some turkey necks at the butcher's. She gave me a turkey neck yesterday afternoon on the porch. That was soooo good. I crunched it all up. She got a whole pound of beef liver and cooked that up with garlic. She cut it up into small pieces so I can get it as a treat or in with my food. Last night for dinner she gave me the canned EVO. I was like a Dyson and sucked up every drop. It was so yummy. My mom liked that it didn't have any weird smell like other dog food sometimes does. She gave me some of the EVO kibble and I sucked that up too.

This morning, after the bark park, mom gave me some pumpkin mixed with yogurt. I ate half of what she gave me but wasn't totally thrilled with it. She mixed in some of the Senior Plus kibble and I sucked the rest up. Right now she has some Turkey Parme Biscotti baking. I am making out like a bandit.

Oh- I met two new dogs at the bark park (sorry- no pics of them). One was a chow-huskey cross (cream and orangey red color with blue tongue) and the other was a chow-huskey-lab cross (black with blue tongue, one eye blue, the other brown). The orangey husky X's name was Connor.

Well- I'm off to rest. It's been a tiring and tummy filling morning.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Good and bad news

We went to the bark park today. It was pretty cold this morning so mom put a wool blankie that her grammie made her around me cause I was shivering in the car even tho I was sitting on a new wool back-seat blankie just for me. After dad scraped the windows so we could see out, we left for the bark park. I was beginning to think I had done something really bad and was being punished by not going to the bark park but mom explained to me that first there was too much snow to even get in the park and then she was sick and then dad was sick. Even tho we hadn't been since Christmas Eve day, mom managed to walk 4 round trips of the park. I was so happy to be there I kept making whiney noises. I almost ran out of pee to leave pee-mail.

Now the bad news. Mikey died. Sassy and her parents hadn't been to the bark park either cause they were so sad about Mikey. He had cancer and had been fighting it for a long time. His mom and dad said they were glad to get the pictures of Sassy and Mikey we gave them just before Christmas. Sassy has two kitty sibs that help keep her company. She and I ran around and barked and played. It was good for both of us. I told her to be extra nice to her folks and give them lots of licks and hugs so they could get over their sadness. I miss Mikey too. He was such a sweet and gentle soul but I know he is waiting at the bridge and playing and not having cancer.

I also saw Cookie (looks like Tin Tin but fatter), a boxer named Vito, a border collie, the huskies and their Esky friend. A chow mix came up to me and tried to get in my face but I was having none of it. Also the bearded chocolate lab-like dog. He is great fun. I will have mom get his name from his dad.

Now the best news! Everyone was saying on the comments that mom should have given me some liver. She hadn't actually gotten any liver at that point cause she refuses to eat liver. This weekend when she went to the butchers, she got a half pound of beef liver just for me. She cooked it up with garlic. It's been cut in small pieces and she gives me some every little while. This is what it looks like after cooking. I just love it. It is soooo yummy.

She's going to make me some more turkey biscotti too. She hasn't gotten up the nerve to get me a turkey neck like Sunshade gets or try pumpkin. She wanted to know what pumpkin does for a dog. Maybe you guys can tell me.

C-K-C (doing happy dances cause she went to the bark park)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

No bark park and still winter (groan)

It snowed again yesterday and is so cold today (with more snow due in tonight and tomorrow) that we didn't go to the bark park. Mom did get not only her claws done yesterday (something called the french look) but had a massage. Her knees hurt so bad last week she could hardly stand it. The massage lady said she needed to eat beets (she had those for dinner last night) and needed to get some flax seed in her. The lady also said she should eat liver but mom wouldn't go for that (I love liver- mom should have let me eat it!)

Mom also got me something called a doggy pillow bed for nights I sleep inside. It has a nice red plaid top. I wouldn't get on it. Dad took it out to the living room and put it where I usually crawl under his legs. I laid half on and half off it. I'm just not sure I like it. It is so squishy, not hard like the floor and not firm like my straw in my outside crate. Dad says he will continue to put dad smell on it until I get used to laying on it.

Mom got some new sleepy pants this weekend. She really likes the Mutt brand with the dogs and cats on them. They are her favorite at home thing to wear.

Mom also got the FURMINATOR on Ebay and it arrived. She did a preliminary run at me and was astounded at the amount of loose fur she got out of me. She tried it on my long haired kitty sib Worf and squealed with joy. He has a lot of loose undercoat during the winter that usually ends up in mats and needs to be cut out (usually at the vets). She got out a couple of handfuls with just a few strokes and Worf was even purring (he doesn't do that for a slicker brush or comb). She is so sold on the product.

Mom is pretty much better but dad got sick last week. It was a fast cold. He stayed home Thursday and Friday from work and slept a lot and took medicine and got over it quick. Man it is hard keeping your people healthy in the winter! Everyone in this household is totally sick of winter. The highest temp it is supposed to get next week is 40 degrees F. With the temps in the 15 degrees F range at night, mom doesn't want me staying out. She is afraid that my arfritis will get worse. Last night I woke up dad about 3am to go out. I just couldn't stand being inside any longer.

Well- I hear the rattle of little cheese crackers in a bowl so am off to investigate.

C-K-C (begging the big dog to let winter be over)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Off with the Big Bling and down to business

Thanks to all of you, my mom is slowly on the mend. She goes for a massage tomorrow where they will get to working on her back. She is sprained it due to the coughing from the other stuff. She assures me that we will be going to the bark park on Sunday. I can't wait!

Studly - Dudley
my favorite boodog tagged me to write down 5 goals I should be working to in 2007.

  1. Get Studly Dudley to be my virtual boyfriend so he will put hearts around my name on his site. Sunshade I can live with but what about me? Oh dear- that seems so doggist.
  2. Try to get mom and dad to give me a whole cookie any time anyone or any thing in this house gets moved. I am the official cat spokesperson when they want to come and go. Go past that sideboard where the cookies are stored and they are mine!
  3. Find a dog to go on a play date with. I can get mightly lonely here in New Mexico.
  4. Help mom and dad exercise more and eat less so that can look as good as I do.
  5. Get to go on someone's Mission (Zach, AO4, FUFU). Anyone! The only thing I can think of as a skill set would be that I am aready camoflagged already.

I think just about everyone has been tagged by now so whoever wants to wade in- feel free.

C-K-C (hoping spring gets here soon).


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Ok- I just had to try it!

my pimped pic!

Seems like everywhere I been today, I have seen so figured I might as join them! Don't you just love my bling?


You guys are AWESOME

I'd like to thank everydog and their bipeds for putting in a good word with the Big Dog. Mom is doing better today. No barkpark for me as there is still snow on the ground and mom's still not totally better. Yesterday was pretty funny. Mom sent dad to do the shopping with a very specific list. When he got to the butcher shop, he called her. He asked what a large boneless chicken breast was. Apparently he was not making himself clear to the butcher. Mom had to get on the phone with the butcher and tell him what she wanted. Apparently dad thought that 1 breast meant 1/2 of a whole breast. At least he got the right dog food for me without another phone call. The people at the butcher shop asked why he was doing the shopping by himself and he told them mom was sick. They said she must be VERY sick for her to let him do it by himself. Mom usually doesn't let dad do the grocery shopping by himself if she can possible help it. Mom is eating today. For breakfast/lunch we had corned beef hash. I got some too.

Well- that's about it for now. I know I owe a New Year's tag and I am doing some serious thinking on it so maybe tomorrow.

C-K-C (feeling relieved that mom is getting better)

Friday, January 05, 2007

I need everyone's help

My mom said I could ask for everyone's help so here it goes:

My mom was sick over New Year's because of the bronk-itis (made worse by the foot of snow we got in Albuquerque). She had to cancel her massage which helps her body move fluids out of bad places. Yesterday she went to the human vet and she has a sinus feckshun, ear feckshun, tonsil feckshun and really really bad bronk-itis. She was feeling so bad that she stayed home from work today and I heard her call and cancel her claw appointment. She has never done this before! Not only that but she asked Dad if he could help with dinner (danger, danger). She is still barking a lot and has 2 medicines for that. A yellow pearl one and a liquid. She is also on anti-botics twice a day. Today she just lay in bed and barked.

I would like to activate the pawyer group and have everydog pray for mom. I know it would help. It helped with Doodles da Dad. I will even give up my bones if the big Dog will make her well. I am just so scared!

C-K-C (frantic but sticking by my mom every moment)

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Barking in

New Years came in last night, not with a bang but with a bark. It wasn't even MY bark. It was my mom sounding like a wounded seal. Because she was out in the snow on Friday and Saturday, her bronk-itis came back really bad. She is gasping and barking. She has taken her drugs and cough medicine for the night so will go to bed very early tonight so she can make it up in time for work tomorrow. Much of Albuquerque streets are still snow packed and icy. It will take her extra time to get to work tomorrow.

New Years here did not have a lot of fireworks. It's kinda hard to light fireworks off when your farkels are freezing. I think a lot of people stayed home and watched TV. Mom and dad were supposed to go to a movie today but the parking lots of the malls aren't cleared of snow. Most malls found it easier to close. A lot of the church services were cancelled yesterday. Dad was back at Gma's to finish shoveling off her sidewalk and driveway. When he left, he backed up into the neighbor across the streets un-shovelled area and nearly got the truck stuck. A definite indication that tomorrow is not going to be good going to work at 6am.

On a lighter note- to make up for not being able to get to the bark park this weekend, my parents showered me with food. We had New England Boiled Dinner (Ham w/bone, potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage). I got to keep the ham bones (even had a little meat on them). Today mom made leg of lamb (she just loves lamb). She doesn't do lamp chops cause she says that they are so small she could sniff them up her right nose. She only does leg of lamb. I got to keep the entire leg along with some meat on it. It was so good. The only bad thing is I can't bring it inside so I hope nothing steals it away.

I had a fine time getting my mom to get up frequently and let me out to chase those birds away. They kept coming back cause dad filled their feeder and left 2 suet cake feeders also for them. They seem like awfully greedy buggers.

Hope all my blogging buddies had a good and safe New Year.