Sunday, October 10, 2010

new girlfriend and fall days

the dad has found another girlfriend. this one visited me a few days ago. he spends lots of days away, and he comes back several times. he's even missed our bark park walks. today we went to the bark park, but part of it is blocked off. the dad says to add a wheelchair path. I guess so, if he says so. there is a new puppy next door. stupid little white dog, not a very good guard dog, it's trying to sound mean, but it's not in his puppy ways. the cats are doing ok, Worf stays in lots. balls fly over the yard and sometimes the dad tossed them back. the weeds are big, if the dad stay here instead of away maybe the yard wouldn't have weeds. he still provides meaty bones, when he's here, and lets me stay in more often now winter is coming on. he had another garden blog, but gave up on that. he's not much gardening still the mom went to the rainbow bridge. maybe next year, he said his tomatoes did nothing, the other stuff did nothing but he had a good crop of squash bugs. I don't think he will raise that stupid plant again. well if anyone is still out there. I'm letting you all know that I think the dad has found another GF, so far this is his longest. maybe she'll stay here and pet me, the dad says when he cleans up more. bark later