Saturday, March 07, 2009

march windy days

CKC here again, the dad has actually taken me bark park every Sunday, last week I wasn't sure, but he came around.when he locks the door and I'm inside I KNOW it is Bark Park time. me and by kitty sibs went to the vet, I went first then those 3. my littlest one had to have a tooth removed so she's feeling punk today. The dad is supposed to give her nasty stuff, but Neris seems to have some trust issues with the dad right now, he comes in and she's gone. I usually play chase her, but we aren't doing that, I'm concerned, but it's not a concern like dad had when the mom went to the rainbow bridge. Dad said it cost him an arm and a leg for the bills, but he still seems to get around OK. He says I cost him so much, he had to keep me around as guard dog, just to pay off my debt. he gets silly sometimes. but he does give me lots more pets. now that the mom doesn't. the vet said I had critters, and the vet showed them to him, my dad said been there, done that and no he didn't want them, The vet said the guys usually do. later on my dad explained getting rid of them was the goal. very strange. the Mom used to do that, but the dad isn't quite up to her level of dog maintenance. Ozzy, my dad says he knows how that good days/bad days are, my dad gets gets in one of those sad times and he kinda just does nothing, like he is paralyzed, he does nothing, and sometimes misses eating, says it's a good thing I'm around, I never let him miss my meals. he may get to it late, and sometimes that's OK, but I'm careful to remind him. if he gets mine, he usually caves in and gets food too, which , of course I think we should share. he's not as good as the Mom was about sharing, but he does cave in sometimes. he's lost weight which is good, just like I have. I try to tell him Bark Park is good, more is better, but he claims he has to earn critter food coupons most days. he tried explaining about something call money, but I understand what critter food coupons do, get us food!
my dad says he can do a NM picture for the bumpdogs, but was confused about where to post it. he tried the site, but he was tired, I said to try later, let me out for the night and go to sleep.
he's good doing that some days, others no so well. I can post new pictures, the dad has them, but he is a little slow sometimes. he cycles in and out, for him it's been almost 8 months, and he's having more good days than bad ones, usually. it's almost garden time, windy here a few days, I don't like that, but the shelter dad built for the cold time seems to work pretty well for the wind time too. my dad wants to say thanxs to all who have replied, and hopes some will stay on, it seems to help him sometimes. he says ge's gotta go now, to use up those ctitter food coupons