Thursday, June 03, 2010

June days

it's getting pretty hot here, 100 deg this weekend, the dad is doing more gardening this year and I'm still helping him. he's giving me lots of head rubs always now and we bark park every Sunday. the last time we went late and I convinced him 2 laps instead of out normal 3 in this hotness was plenty. he thought about it and agreed. maybe there is hope for this person. the meatly bones are pretty small this week, I hope he gets bigger ones next time. but I accept them and eat them. One of the cats sniff at tit and I went berserk well the cat backed off. the dad says I should be so aggressive about food, but darn it it's mine, and maybe the cat food is mine too when no one is looking. the dad caought me once, so he knows I do it, but I'm careful. the dad is still dating, but I think he's given up, he goes out less and agonizes less. Worf is getting old, he stays pretty quiet, he's older than I am and I'm 9 years here, the dad says he showed up as a little kitten when the Mom and Dad moved in.

well I'm off to bed, the dad fixed my daytime cool spot, but it wasn't planned to make it wetter, but i think it will help.



Peanut said...

It is getting hot here to and less laps in hot weather is always good. Bigger bones are better but at least he is getting you some. Cats are stupid.
Agonizing less is always good as long as Dad isn't just sitting at home all the time dating less is fine. He does need to get out and have some fun though.

i said...

Hope your dad gets you bigger meaty bones next time. Maybe you could tag along just to see he gets the right one for you :-)

Gardening sounds fun. My human is into it too although she's still killing plants along the way. No green thumbs there.

Enjoy the coming summer and stay cool now!

Princess Patches said...

We hope your weather cools off soon, Charlie! It's really hot, here, too! We only want to go out just long enough to get out "business" done and then it's right back into the aire-conditioning!

Penny & Patches

The Animal Doctor said...

Charlie, I should list you in my blog roll from now on, so I can visit your blog with just one click. Everytime I remember you, I type CKC on google and somehow land on your blog each time, all the time, but that is tedious.

Keep posting, we want to hear from you :)

Hope we can be friends!

Scarlet and the rest of The Animal Doctor's furry crew